December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2011!

Before 2011 officially steps into our lives and with just a few hours left of 2010 let me greet you all - my readers and followers - a Happy New Year!

2010 did not disappoint us didn't it? So I hope that 2011 is going to blast us with more and more gadgets and whatnots.

Im Drey of TechPump, saying Have a blessed and fruitful 2011 ahead! And let me just leave you a bit of the Black Eyed Peas right here. Enjoy! And careful with the firecrackers.


December 30, 2010

Samsung to terminate support for Symbian tomorrow

One of the major funds that comes into the Symbian Foundation comes from Samsung and when they have withdrawn support for the foundation it seems Symbian have come tumbling down good thing their goof friend, Nokia, is there to save them. Today, to pile things up. Samsung have sent emails regarding their support for Symbian Mobile Innovator. This announcement will follow these events. Closing down of Symbian, closing down of Symbian Forum, and removal of Symbian Content. The dates are clearly shown, meaning the Symbian was already closed back in October and the Symbian Forum is closed today.

Source: Samsung Hub


Facebook is the most visited site in 2010

According to a data collected by an information gathering service Hitwise, Facebook bumps from being the most visited website of the year.Facebook is now the most visited site in 2010 it does not surprise me with 500 million plus users that would only equate to almost half of that loging into the site everyday wouldn't it? Facebook would also be the most visited website if you consider Google's other site like Youtube, Gmail, and whatever they have separately. Anyhow, Facebook is up there already and the future will only seems to be brighter for the website.

Source: Gizmodo


Nokia sells 3.5 - 4 million N8s

The Nokia N8, who wouldn't buy this beast? The first penta-band smartphone,the first smartphone to pack a 12 MP camera, and the first Symbian^3 device is something that at least 3.5 million people are willing to pay for. Well, is you really look at it on the bright side the Nokia N8 isn't a bad phone after all amidst the reviews it received that are more inclined into the negative things of the smartphone. Oh well, at the end of the day it's the people's decision and preference that will always win, regardless the comments, reviews and whatnots the device gets.

Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G's (Galaxy S) Android 2.2 Froyo update is "Not yet available"

Just before Christmas I have posted about the Samsung Epic 4G finally getting it's deserving Android 2.2 Froyo update and apparently that did not happen. To make things worst there's an announcement that concerns all Epic 4G users (Sprint). The announcement clearly says that the update is not yet available. What could be the problem?

Skype for iPhone now finally has video call

The Skype for iPhone app have been updated now it features and allows you to make video calls all thanks to the iPhone 4 that finally has a front facing camera. If you do not like Apple's own video calling app FaceTime or maybe you just have more connections with Skype then this is the day you have been wanting to come. The Skype app is available for download over at the Apple App Store

The HTC Evo Shift 4G appears in a RadioShack catalog priced at $149

Are you into 4G handsets and would love them to have that physical QWERTY keyboard of it all feature? Then the HTC Evo 4G Shift is the smartphone for you. Bound to be offered with Sprint's all trusty, or not, 4G network the HTC Evo 4G Shift shows up in a RadioShack catalog priced at $149.99 for those who wants to upgrade or those who wants to open a new line with Sprint.

Source: BGR


Another Android smartphone by Sony Ericsson gets leaked

Sony Ericsson is really ready to release a bunch of Android smartphones and when they said that they want to be the world's largest mobile phone provider running on the Android OS, they really meant it. So, after the Hallon, the X12, and the PlayStation Phone, here comes another smartphone from SE that seems to be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

December 29, 2010

Android Market currently have 200,000 apps and still counting

Why am I not surprised? Google's Android OS have really made it to stardom even if statistics say they still have a hill to climb. The Android OS is on the road to become the world's most popular OS and it is really going to that goal really fast.

Dell Streak 7 with T-Mobile branding gets photoed

The Dell Streak 7's advertising script got leaked and we had evidence that the tablet does exist and that Dell will surely introduce and sell the 7 incher version of the original Dell Streak. Today, more are unveiling, leaked photos of the Streak 7 with T-Mobile branding suggests that the tablet will be available in the US over at T-Mobile.

Samsung to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S successor at WMC 2011?

So I asked, when will the famous Samsung Galaxy S smartphone get a successor? Does it need to have a successor this early taking into consideration that the smartphone is so popular it already sold 9.3 million units globally and is currently the most popular Android device in the market today?

December 28, 2010

HTC Thunderbolt 4G gets ads and sign-up page is now live [Update: HTC Thunderbolt gets photoed?]

So, after three names that we have for this device, yet another 4G smartphone from HTC, we finally have hard evidence to say that the name of this handset will be the HTC Thunderbold 4G. Droidlife was able to get a link which goes like this regarding the phone. THe link clearly has the Thunderbolt 4G in it so we are taking the queue from that link in the eventual name of the handset.

Samsung Fascinate and Vibrant get Android 2.2 Froyo update in Canada

The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant and Fascinate in the US are still waiting for their Android 2.2 Froyo update in Canada these smartphones has the update already. The Samsung Fascinate is being offered by Bell, Virgin Mobile, and SaskTel while the Samsung Vibrant is over at Telus. The update is now being pushed to these smartphones on these carriers and this came after Samsung have said that their is a bit of a problem with the Android Froyo updates basically killing the external storage (microSD). Since they have already pushed this update on these smartphones then is it now safe to say that this build of Android 2.2 update is here to fix the problem? Oh well, good news for Canadians because this update is now where to be seen in the US. 

Source: Endgadget


Leaked photos of the unannounced Sony Ericsson Hallon (MT15) Android smartphone

When Sony Ericsson said that they would want to be the largest smartphone manufacturer to use the Android platform, I think they really mean it. Well it was not really seen when the first Android powered Xperia line was launched and it took them time to give us more Android offerings. Oh well, they really need to step it up not just a notch higher but a whole lot, Samsung and HTC are like offering Android smartphones like there is no tomorrow.

Samsung Galaxy Player (YP-GB1) to be unveiled in CES 2011

Apple has the iPod line of portable music players and they run on iOS (at least for the iPod Touch) and Microsoft have their Zune music players what does Android (Google) has to offer? Well, thanks to Samsung the Android OS world will now have a portable music player to compete with the iPod and Zune.

December 27, 2010

Refurbished iPhone 4s get price cuts from AT&T now only $99 with activation

You did not receive a gift for Christmas? Don't worry AT&T will give you your gift for only $99. For refurbished iPhone 4s, AT&T have cut $50 off the price bringing it down to just $99 (with a 2-year contract) for the 16 GB unit and that comes with free activation. Below is a price list of the refurbished iPhones available online at AT&T.
iPhone 4 16GB — $99
iPhone 4 32GB — $199
iPhone 4 16GB with cosmetic blemish — $79
iPhone 4 32GB with cosmetic blemish — $179
Head over at AT&T and get one now.

Source: BGR


December 26, 2010

Dell Streak 7's commercial script gets leaked

Heard of the rumor that Dell is making a 7" tablet that will truly compete with the other tablets out there? Well, its rational, because the current Dell Streak which is a 5" tablet is also categorized as a smartphone. It ain't really that clear in which category it should be because of it's size. The Dell Streak have been described as a too small tablet and a too big smartphone.

Amazon puts the Nokia E7 on sale but currently "out of stock"

Have you been waiting for the Nokia E7 ready to take your orders (or pre-order) in the US? Then you should love Amazon (US). They have already put up the Nokia E7 on their site. The phone will cost you $679 and unfortunately is "currently out of stock" but they will ship it once they get hold of the units.

The E7, to give you a refresher, might look like the N8, but it's a bit more powerful sans that 12MP camera. The handset will sport an 8 MP camera and, based on reports and whatnots is a bit more powerful than that of the N8. The handset also sports a physical sliding QWERTY keyboard, for those who dislike the virtual keyboard.

Head on over to Amazon and get your order of the E7 ready.

Source: Endgadget


HTC will eventually customize the WP7 UI

HTC have been successful with it's HTC Sense UI, that are commonly seen in their Android handsets. They have also worked all around the clock with the UI and have given it an update that can be seen in the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z plus the whole Sense experience which includes the web portal and whatnots.

December 25, 2010

Asus EeePad EP121 gets video teaser by Asus Chairman hiself

What did I tell you when we enter year 2011? Tablets are gonna rain down on us. This is Asus' tablet the EeePad EP121. The chairman of Asus himself showed us the tablet that Asus will be unveiling durin CES 2011.

Bada 1.2 update is confirmed to be pushed to Wave handsets

Yup, it's confirmed the Bada 1.2 update for Wave devices will be pushed through. The update based on the tweet by Samsungbada will be first pushed in Europe with those Wave handsets that came SIM free the first to get the update. Expect the update to arrive on your smartphones early next year.

Wave devices outside Europe will also get the Bada 1.2 update withing the first quarter of next year. The exact date of when the update will start to make way into your devices will depend on the country and the network operator you have the device tied with.
"In addition to the bug fixes and improved security, bada 1.2 update will also add the T9 Trace keyboard that works like Swype." - Samsung Hub

Source: Samsung Hub


December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

2010 is about to end but before we enter 2011 we are going to celebrate Christmas! From me, Drey, may all of you have a very merry Christmas! 

2010 have given us a lot in the tech world and in 2011 what we should expect is a lot more of those good things. I thank you all for making me more motivated in bringing you the best in gadgetry and technology the freshest they can get! Don't worry if there is tech news and updates that I believe you should know about, I'll be blogging about it!

Once again MERRY CHRISTMAS from TechPump & celebrate Christmas with love and optimism in your hearts! 

Sprint starts pushing BlackBerry 6 update to Bold 9650 & Curve 9330

Are you a Sprint subscriber and rocking either a BlackBerry Bold 9650 or a Curve 9330? Then you'll love Sprint during the Holidays! Sprint have begun pushing the BlackBerry 6 OS update to these BlackBerry smartphones. The update is done over-the-air (OTA) or if you can't wait for it then head over to the BlackBerry site and download the latest OS via Desktop Manager. So before Christmas day comes get your BlackBerry device a gift that it deserves.



Dell Venue launched in Hong Kong other parts of the world to come after

Endgadget was able to go hands-on with the latest Dell smartphone offering, the Dell Venue. Unveiled in South Korea a week ago, the keyboardless version of the Dell Venue Pro but instead of Windows Phone 7 the Dell Venue runs on Android 2.2 Froyo.

HTC to launch another 4G phone - HTC Incredible HD/Mecha?

HTC teases us with another 4G phone that they will be launching on January 6, 2011. We are leaning towards the HTC Incredible HD (or AKA as Mecha). At least by this teaser we already have a firm grip of when the phone will be launched. Verizon has a keynote during the CES 2011 and I believe this phone will be unveiled by Verizon, since the Incredible HD is heading for Verizon. So, as I have said, if tablets will come raining down on us in 2011 then the smartphone army do not want to be behind.

Source: BGR


The Google Nexus S gets its first OTA update

The next "pure Google" phone, the Nexus S made by Samsung, gets its first OTA update. The update bumps its Android OS to 2.3.1. Based on the what the phone says when it is ready to get the update is that the update will fix bugs, that none of us know and will update the latest Google Maps, probably Google Maps 5 (3D map).

December 23, 2010

Samsung SCH-I5210 LTE smartphone photoed going over at Verizon

Whenever I read/hear the abbreviation LTE, which is as far as I know a 4G network that Verizon is trying to advertise for some time now. I might be wrong in saying that LTE is yet to be Verizon's version of Sprint's 4G network but whatever the real score is, LTE is really coming into town.

The LG Optimus 2X (Star) to launch in Europe next month

The LG Optimus 2X was announced just a few days ago and we saw it available for pre-orders in Sweden already and now LG is announcing that the powerful, the most powerful smartphone to ever land on Earth,  with it being available in Europe by next month.

Samsung Galaxy S reached 9.3 million sales globally

The ever popular and successful Samsung Galaxy S sells 9.3 million units of it all over the world. And when we say Galaxy S that includes the GT i9000 (Photo), Epic 4G, Vibrant, Fascinate,  and Captivate. Samsung added in their report that the smartphone in home turf have reached the 2 million units mark. Sammy is targeting to hit the 10 million units mark before 2011 says hello to us, but with a week left I wonder if they could sell 600,000 units of it and hit that target. Nevertheless, 9.3 million is good enough, don't you think? Well a lot is going with the handset right now, good things that is. It has started to roll out the Android 2.2 Froyo update, at least for the GT i9000 (international version). It is the first handset to be announced to support WiFi Direct technology, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is expected for the handset.

To add a bit of fact, the Samsung Galaxy S is the most popular Android handset in the world today.

Source: BGR


Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 8

Yup, its he 8th build of the Firefox 4 Beta browser and 2 more builds are expected before Firefox 4 will be finally released early next year. The 8th build promises to fix over 1400 bugs on the previous beta build of Firefox 4 (Firefox 4 Beta 7).

Samsung Kies 2.0 Beta now available for download

Yes, Samsung's phone PC suite, the Kies has a lot of bugs, eats a lot of your PC's resources, and most importantly, it isn't that user-friendly as you would like it to be. Samsung fortunately knows that, and has done something to ease off the pain that it's users are experiencing whenever they use the PC suite software.

The Samsung Epic 4G to finally get Android 2.2 Froyo?

The Epic 4G is about to get it's Android 2.2 Froyo love a day after Christmas. A photo is taken on an information I do not know where it came from, but what Phone Arena is reporting, the Epic 4G, Sprint's Samsung Galaxy S, will be getting the said update on December 26, 2001 via "Google OTA". Good timing right? Well let's just hope that this update sticks to it's plan.

Source: Endgadget


HTC Mecha/Incredible HD in leaked photos

BGR got a hold of new leaked photos of the alleged, HTC Mecha or the HTC Incredible HD. In HTC's naming arena, it seems that whenever their is an HD on a smartphone's codename it will always feature a 4.3" screen, so this Mecha/Incredible HD apparently features a 4.3" touch screen display.

December 22, 2010

Google Nexus One to get OTA update to Android 2.3 "in the coming weeks"

Google have announced that the first Google Nexus phone, the Nexus One, will get the Android 2.3 Gingerbread "in the coming weeks". In a tweet, using the googlenexus account, they have announced the news, unfortunately no exact date was given. 

December 21, 2010

Microsoft announced over 1.5 million of WP7 devices sold

On Tuesday, the company from Redmond announced that 1.5 million units of Windows Phone 7 devices were sold. Done in just after 8 weeks after the international launching of the operating system while the OS was launched in the US 6 weeks ago. This might be a good sign for Microsoft and it's newest mobile OS plus it's app marketplace have already reached 4000 apps available.“We believe that to succeed in mobile you need, first of all, a great product, and we think we have that,” Microsoft exec Achim Berg said. 

With this figure, all we can hope is that Microsoft can start releasing updates to their Windows Phone 7 OS, updates like "copy and paste" and whatnots. Hopefully too, this will be the WP7's start into a more stable and a more popular OS in the market. It's also high-time for Microsoft to go back into the mobile OS market and start reclaiming market shares they have apparently lost.

Source: BGR


Motorola tablet video teaser - mocks on other tablets (iPad & Galaxy Tab)

Oh yeah, that'll be Motorola's new logo after they have split the original company into two. Anyway, that's not why I am writing this post about. It's about Motorola's official entrance into the tablet world/market. Rumors and leaks about a Motorola tablet offering is circulating everywhere. With this video that you are about to watch makes everything official. The tablet is set to be announced during CES 2011.

December 20, 2010

Samsung Bada 2.0 to get a new revamped UI

Samsung's very own mobile operating system, Samsung Bada, have turned one year old. But that is not what this news is all about, it's about Samsung's plan for the OS in 2011. The company is set to release and give the OS a revamping that I believe it needs. Bada 2.0 will be available for 2011 and with Bada 1.2 on Samsung Wave devices running perfectly with that TouchWiz UI (also incorporated on Samsung Android device - except for the Nexus S, of course) we can only expect for much better features and with their plans to give the UI a different style.

Google Nexus S' launch is pushed to December 22 in the UK

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy UK have announced that the retail launch of the device will be moved to December 22. This is not really bad news, since the people who have sent their pre-orders online should expect their devices on Wednesday too. Online purchases are encouraged to get the "instant ship delivery" where you will then be able to get your devices at the nearest Carphone Warehouse stores. The £430 SIM free/unlocked price is also confirmed. Head over the break to read the official press release.

Nokia and Microsoft in a partnership to create a WP7 line of devices?

Oh, would you look at that. This information comes from Eldar Murzatin of Mobile Review, who writes abot Nokia and Microsoft partnering to offer the public a  whole line of WP7 running Nokia devices.
"'an entire line of Windows Phone devices that may go under the name Nokia [translated].'" 
Nokia's Mobile VP, Anssi Vanjoki, have publicly stated before that Nokia is not interested in using other operating systems aside from Symbian, at least he was pertaining to Google's Android OS. 

If this will hold water and that we could see Nokia devices running on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, then this might be a very good move for Nokia. Offering their customers, consumers, or markets a different taste of Nokia is definitely good news for us. 

Source: BGR


December 19, 2010

Opera 11 gets 6.7 million downloads

Microsoft recorded 2 million downloads of their latest browser, the IE 9. They did that in 2 days. Opera just made a much higher record than what Microsoft was able to achieve. Opera's latest offering is their Opera 11 browser, recorded 6.7 million downloads in just one day of being released to the public. When I got the update I immediately used Opera 11 and is actually a nice browser. Fast and very cool in terms of their newest feature, tab stacking.

Download Opera 11 now.

Source: Notebook Italia


The LG Optimus 2X is already available for pre-order in Sweden and will cost €555?

I do not know about you, but aside from the fact that LG is set to launch the fastest smartphone in the world soon, probably in January of 2011, this device right here, the LG Optimus 2X (Star) might also be the fastest smartphone from being leaked and rumored and then to launching. Seems like LG is not doing any further adieu with the device and just wants to start selling it. 

December 18, 2010

US Cellular offers the Galaxy Tab for $200 with 5GB data plan

This news comes after T-Mobile cuts $50 in the Galaxy Tab offering. US Cellular have something much cheaper to offer than T-Mobile can. The regional carrier offers the 7-inch tablet for only $200 with a 2-year contract. The thing is, US Cellular ties this device up with their pricier $54.99 per month 5 GB data agreement with pay-as-you-go text messaging or you might want to choose the $74.99 per month with unlimited text messaging agreement.

Source: Endgadget


Sony to launch an Android and iPhone PlayStation App

Sony or Sony Ericsson have not yet released the Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone. While we are still waiting for that device to pop out into the light, Sony is set to launch the PlayStation app for Android and the iPhone. This app will allow you to check out your friend's games, Network Trophies, and find the latest PlayStation games for the PS2, PS3, and the PSP. You can also share the news by posting it on your Facebook or Twitter and you can do that inside the app.

Kinect sells 4 million units and passes by Nintendo's pace in the same launch period

The Kinect, Microsoft's latest add on, if you'd accept that term for me to use, to their Xbox 360 have surpassed Nintendo's pace in the same launch period with their Nintendo Wii.

Microsoft have passed the 4 million units sold mark with their Kinect that is setting a new kind of way for us to play games. The sales, up to this point does not have any signs of being tired and with that rate Microsoft would likely to reach the 6 million mark before the end of the year.
"In the same amount of time since launch, Nintendo only managed to sell 2.9 million units, while Sony is taking up the rear with a hair over 900 000 Move devices. It's too early to tell, but even with Nintendo's shortages, Kinect is outpacing both competitors at a good clip." - Neowin

Source: Neowin


December 17, 2010

LG B set to be the world's thinnest phone ever

The LG B is set to be conquering the world as the thinnest phone and one way of getting to know the LG B better is to remember that it's display is bright brighter than the Galaxy S and the iPhone 4. Remember when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4 and said that it's the thinnest phone ever? Then that record wouldn't stay that long.

Introducing World Lens an app that translates using your lens

If you're a travel junkie, who goes to places where you can't speak the local language and always have that book which translate commonly used phrase or words, then this might be the app for you. World Lens, an iPhone app that is so cool, you'd immediately want one.

[Local] Apple officially releases the iPad in the Philippines

The iPad have made it into Philippine soil, at least officially. Released today by Apple on their online store, the iPad is set to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is already selling. We already have the official price listing of the device in the Philippines, and starting from P23,990, this will surely make people turn to this tablet from the Galaxy Tab, but who knows, the Galaxy Tab is still a full featured tablet device.

Google Maps 5 now available in Android Market

Google Maps 5 is now available for download over at the Android Market. Google Maps 5 features a new way to view maps on mobile phones. They have now turned 2D maps into 3D maps. 
  • 3D maps
  • Twist-viewing to check out cities from different angles.
  • Compass mode to rotate map to the direction you are facing.
  • Offline navigation and improved map caching in case you lose connection.

Source: DriodLife


Apple is set to open the Mac App Store on January 6th

Apple have put a date on when they will be officially opening their Mac App Store. January 6 is the day you, Mac users, want to keep in mind. The store will be available in 90 countries and will contain apps, games, and whatnots. Click on the source link below to read Apple's official press release.

Source: TUAW


Dell offers the Motorola Droid X for free

Dell's online store just offered the Motorola Droid X for free with a Verizon 2-year contract. The offer does not stop there, it will be shipped for free and add on all of that a $25 Dell gift card pre order. The catch? Its on a limited time offer so click here to head over at Dell's online store and get one yourself!

Source: Unwired View