November 12, 2010

The HTC Incredible HD or is it the HTC Mecha?

This might be the HTC Incredible HD that have been rumored for a while now and which I have not written about. Anyway it's coming to Verizon as the "true HTC Evo 4G" counterpart. We will be seeing this these LTE enabled smartphones by next year. Endgadget have noticed there's a "4G" like symbol at the right upper part of the status bar. This is also said to be one of Verizon's inaugural LTE handsets which, as what I have said, is bound to be launched next year. The phone you see in the photo is allegedly the HTC Mecha, which was leaked from the HTC Sense web portal. Until this gets officially announced by either Verizon or HTC all we can do right now is speculate and wonder if this will end up to be the Incredible HD or the HTC Mecha.

Source: DroidLife, Endgadget



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