December 29, 2010

Android Market currently have 200,000 apps and still counting

Why am I not surprised? Google's Android OS have really made it to stardom even if statistics say they still have a hill to climb. The Android OS is on the road to become the world's most popular OS and it is really going to that goal really fast.

It was a few months ago when the Android Market only have 100,000 apps in the marketplace and did not really make any dent on the apps available over at Apple. Today, based on an independent Android app tracker, the Android Market have over 200,000 apps available over at the Android Market.

It is also estimated that there have been over 2.5 billion apps downloaded from the Android Market from the time it was live. That seems to be the sign that Android is really taking over the world, isn't it?

So what should we expect in the future? Android ruling the world? I'm betting on it.

Source: BGR, Androlib


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