April 30, 2011

RockMelt for iPhone gets updated to version 0.9.1

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I know, I have not blogged about the release of the RockMelt for iPhone browser. I totally missed this. Anyway RockMelt have updated the app to version 0.9.1 which includes bug fixes and "several performance enhancements". You can now download RockMelt for iPhone from the Apple App Store

What are the new features or enhancements that the new version bring? One is the capability for users to email tweets, Facebook updates, websites, and links.

The latest version can now automatically expand links from Tweets. So, you do not have to wonder where you will end up when you click on a shortened link from tweets of people you follow.

Lastly, RockMelt says that the latest version of RockMelt for iPhone gets an boost in the time they update your Facebook and Twitter.

Source: RockMelt


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