December 25, 2010

Asus EeePad EP121 gets video teaser by Asus Chairman hiself

What did I tell you when we enter year 2011? Tablets are gonna rain down on us. This is Asus' tablet the EeePad EP121. The chairman of Asus himself showed us the tablet that Asus will be unveiling durin CES 2011.

The tablet will feature a 12" touch screen display. Now that's a foot and its a big tablet that Asus is offering us in 2011. The teaser says that "tablets today are limited" so we can "demand more" and more will Asus give us. The tablet will be running on Windows 7 OS, I hope they have some sort of UI overlay on it so that we will not have any problems with the touchscreen navigation around the OS of it all. An Intel core i5 processor will be powering the tablet inside it, so that'll definite;y give us the impression that this tablet will be fast and whatnot.

At the end of the video we see the different other tablets that Asus will be offering us in the very near future. I do not really know if they are different tablets or does the tablet just have accessories like a keyboard dock and the likes? Oh well, CES 2011 is what the chairman said, so I will really be all ears with this tablet right here.

Source: Youtube (Asusrog)


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