August 8, 2013

Android Device Manager goes live!

I am pretty sure most if not all of you heard or have read about Google's Android Device Manager feature right? The feature was announced by Google during their announcement of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Today though, the feature goes live and kicking! I got to use it already and it's neat! You actually do not need to do anything. Well, as far as I can remember I did nothing to actually get the feature. Just make sure all your apps especially those by Google are up to date and you pretty much should have Android Device Manager. One way of checking if you do have it is to fire up the Google Settings app on your device it should have Android Device Manager as one of the options.

The photo above is what makes this feature really. It is the remote control capabilities from the web that makes Android Device Manager work. So for you to go to that webpage, simply go to and if your Chrome browser is signed with the same gmail account you use on your Android devices then it should automatically list your devices on it. If not, then you sign in.

Try ringing your phone. It's pretty cool stuff, although this feature is already being incorporated into Samsung devices and previously on HTCs with their already debunked HTC Sense Web. Anyway, at least this is now available for everyone.

About this photo above, this is the feature that allows you to do a factory reset on your device remotely. At first, I did not understand this but then I realized resetting the phone will actually delete or wipe all of its data from the phone. This will be handy when time calls for you to actually wipe out data from your phone especially when the phone got lost and has become irretrievable. The photo above is allowing ADM to do just that. Just head to the Google Settings app and then ADM.

Android Device Manager is available to all Android devices that are running on Android 2.2 and higher.



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