November 9, 2010

Symbian closing down it's Operational Activies- " could not continue in its present form."

The Symbian Foundation announced today that they will be halting their Operational Activities and for the coming 6 months the company will focus in it's transition to being a licensing body. Big companies have announced too that they will be turning their backs against Symbian taking their funding with them, with this situation Symbian is forced to take a second look at their future. With a board meeting held just today, they have decides and have realized that "it could not continue in its present form." - Nokia Conversatons

The transition "will involve the Foundation moving to a new role where it controls the product's patent portfolio and licenses the Symbian brand and its research and development activities, but the meat of the operation -- the actual platform development -- will move over to Nokia beginning the end of March next year." - Endgadget

With this situation in hand Nokia is still committed to go into the future hand in hand with Symbian. Working and developing and pushing the Symbian OS into the future. Of course that does not mean that they will be ditching MeeGo, they will still work with MeeGo and is expecting to release devices running on MeeGo by 2011.
"Nokia has no intention to change the plans announced on the 21st October to continue to develop and evolve Symbian" -Nokia
Nokia also pointed out that the transfer of control of the future of Symbian will only make things better not only to the users but also to the loyal developers of the said OS.
"That’s why we announced we would focus on Qt and Qt Quick for application development. Qt is itself a thriving open source framework and already a firm favourite with many developers because of its ability to accelerate the development of rich, visual applications. We will focus on Qt and Qt Quick for our own development for both Symbian and the MeeGo platform, which means that applications developed in Qt for Symbian now will still work on Nokia MeeGo devices in the future" - Nokia
So, there we go. Symbian will stop it's operational activities but will still live on to see another day thanks to Nokia. So, with this what can we expect from the Symbian OS then? I hope that in the future, aside from MeeGo, Nokia will get back up from the bump it hit and will continue walking on into the future with better than expected devices. The Nokia N8, although had the most pre-orders in Nokia's history on launch, is not a testament of the flaws it has. Symbian really has to make everything work, in this time Nokia, has to make it work. 

Source: Endgadget & Nokia Conversations


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