December 26, 2010

Amazon puts the Nokia E7 on sale but currently "out of stock"

Have you been waiting for the Nokia E7 ready to take your orders (or pre-order) in the US? Then you should love Amazon (US). They have already put up the Nokia E7 on their site. The phone will cost you $679 and unfortunately is "currently out of stock" but they will ship it once they get hold of the units.

The E7, to give you a refresher, might look like the N8, but it's a bit more powerful sans that 12MP camera. The handset will sport an 8 MP camera and, based on reports and whatnots is a bit more powerful than that of the N8. The handset also sports a physical sliding QWERTY keyboard, for those who dislike the virtual keyboard.

Head on over to Amazon and get your order of the E7 ready.

Source: Endgadget



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