December 31, 2011

Motorola RAZR in Europe gets a software update

For those who owns a Motorola RAZR in Europe, there'd good news for all of you before 2011 ends. Motorola is pushing a software update, not Android 4.0 ICS though, to your phones which will be administered OTA. Your RAZR should notify you if any new software is available for download and installation. The update is expected to be pushed in "Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway,  Poland, Romania, Serbia, SFR, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, T-Mobile Germany and the UK."

IND: Samsung Wave M now available for Rs. 12,500

The Samsung Wave M is now available in India with an SRP of Rs 12,500. This is one of those Bada 2.0 powered smartphones that Samsung unveiled back then. The Wave M sports an 832MHz processor, a 3.65" HVGA display, a 5 MP rear facing camera, VGA front, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS, and a 1,350 mAh battery. Samsung is giving it an SRP of 12,500 Rs but if you want to get the smartphone with a lower price, head over to LetsBuy because they are offering the Wave M for only Rs. 11,900

December 30, 2011

Facebook officially releases to beta Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook has released to public beta Messenger for Windows. For those who are running on Windows can now download and try out what Facebook is bringing us here. The application was made for us to be able to chat, post statuses, check notifications, messages, and friend request even if you are not logged into I am currently running the application now and it looks like that whole part of your Facebook on the right part where the ticker and friends who are online are listed. The application, again, is still on it's beta phase and should not be that perfect yet, as I experienced while using it and roaming around with it. Download Facebook Messenger for Windows (direct download link) here now!

USA: Nokia Lumia 800 unlocked now only $535.87 from Amazon

When the Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 800 became available over at Amazon in the US, it was first priced at $649.99 for one unlocked 16GB Lumia 800. But now, Amazon has dropped the price of Nokia's flagship Windows Phone smartphone to just $535.87. Amazon does not have a lot of stock for the device, it currently says "10 new" so for those who wants to own a much lesser priced Lumia 800 head over to Amazon now.

USA: Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE receives a software update but no Android ICS

Verizon is set to release a software update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE. The update will be done OTA and you should be getting a notification about the software which is ready for download and installation on your Android tablet. The update does not bring in Android 4.0 ICS but it does improve TouchWiz. After updating, expect the UI to be a lot smoother, and bug fixes that you might have experienced prior to updating to this software (version I905.EL01). For more information about this software update and instructions on how to update, head over to Verizon's support site.

December 29, 2011

LG Prada 3.0 now available in South Korea

The LG Prada 3.0 that was announced in London back in December 14 is now available in South Korea. The smartphone that runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Prada-ish UI costs at 899,800 Korean Won, right around US$776. Other features of the phone is a 4.3" IPS WVGA touchscreen display, a 1GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP rear facing camera with LED flash, a 1.3MP front facing cam, and 8GB of internal storage. For those who are in Korea, you can get the LG Prada 3.0 over at SK Telecom. Head over the break for the translates (Google) press release.

December 27, 2011

Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 now available in the UK for £1,275

The Porsche Design BlackBerry P'9981 is now available in the UK. The device was announced in Dubai and the smartphone carries an industrial design that, for some, looks very weird and ugly. Personally, it's cool. The device is already available over at Harrods and sells for £1,275 a piece. Apparently, target to those who can afford such a price for a piece of smartphone. Anyway, the BlackBerry P'9981 runs on BB OS 7 and is being powered by a 1.2GHz processor with 768MB of RAM. Pretty much it's like a BlackBerry Bold Touch since it also sports a touchscreen display.

December 24, 2011

USA: Asus Transformer Prime now in stock over at Best Buy

The world's fastest, thinnest, and the first quad-core tablet, the Asus Transformer Prime, is now in stock over at Best Buy. The retailer is selling the 32GB version of the tablet and has priced it at $499.99. For those who wants to gift themselves the coolest most talked about tablet of the year, then click on that Best Buy link to order yours now!

Angry Birds comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

To everyone who owns a BlackBerry PlayBook! Good news is here for you during the Holidays! Rovio has now made the popular Angry Birds game available to the tablet. The three version of the game namely, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio,  and Angry Birds Seasons are all available over at the BlackBerry App World. Each is priced at $4.99 so for those who wants to get those birds flying in their PlayBooks download the games now!

The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos announced

This is the second of the two Android smartphones the Samsung announced that pack dual-SIM capability. This is for those who fancy some dual-SIM going on in their smartphones and a QWERTY keyboard. This is also the Galaxy Y Pro's brother only that this phone sports that dual-SIM feature. Like the Galaxy Y Duos, this will also be launched in January of next year.

Samsung introduces the Galaxy Y Duos - Dual-SIM Android smartphone

Before the year ends, Samsung decided to announce not one but two Android smartphones that are a bit rare in the market. Samsung's first full-touch smartphone with a dual-SIM feature, the Galaxy Y Duos, is officially unveiled. The Galaxy Y Duos carries a bit of difference in terms of design compared to it's older brother the Galaxy Y. Samsung did not say anything about how much this smartphone would cost you but the Galaxy Y Duos will be launched in January of 2012.

Amazon rolled out a software update to the Kindle Fire

Amazon has released a software update to the Kindle Fire which is in response to customer complaints. The software update is expected to give the Kindle Fire a more fluid when you navigate through it and better performance. "The patch will also enable users to customize the order in which applications appear in the Kindle Fire UI carousel and enable additional security features, such as the ability to create a password lock for Wi-Fi access.", says BGR. For those who owns a Kindle Fire, head over here (Amazon link) to get all the things you need to know and instructions on how to download and install the update. Cheers!

December 23, 2011

USA: Sprint releases Android 3.2 Honeycomb update to the HTC Evo View 4G

Sprint's HTC Evo View 4G is finally getting some Honeycomb goodness as the carrier have released its Android 3.2 update. The update is available via OTA and the device should prompt you if their's a new software ready for you to download and install. You can manually check if the update is already there for you by tapping through Settings > System updates > HTC Software Update > Check Now. For more information about the update or instructions on how to update, head over to Sprint's support site.

December 22, 2011

Mozilla releases Firefox 9

This is a major update for the popular web browser from Mozilla, Firefox 9, which brings in performance enhancements like all other major updates to browsers. Firefox 9 which can be download now here, also brings in MacO OS X optimizations which improves two-finger swipe navigation and theme support. For those who are already using Firefox, you can get the update by clicking through the Firefox button > Help > About Firefox and then wait for the browser to download and install the newer version of Firefox. Head over the break to read on what are the new things that are in Firefox 9.

AUS: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 now available over at Optus

Optus is now offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for free with a $49 monthly plan. The tablet will be able to connect to Optus' network and comes with 4GB of data which should be enough for you to go through a month with no problems. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with a 16GB of internal storage and runs on Android 3.2 Honeycomb. For those who wants to get the tablet with Optus, head over here to order yours now.

Google stops Galaxy Nexus' ICS update - will resume soon

The world's first device to run on the latest version of Android, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the Galaxy Nexus was  plagued with a volume bug. Google and Samsung already acknowledged the bug and have promised to push a software update as soon as possible. The update is already being pushed but then stopped. It seems the update they released was not as perfect as they wanted it to be. 

December 20, 2011

USA: Verizon pushes software update for the Droid RAZR

Verizon, this early, have already pushed a software update (not Android 4.0) to the Droid RAZR which brings in improved quality of camera and enhanced 3G and 4G connectivity. Other bug fixes are also included on this update. For those who owns the Droid RAZR, you want to get this update. The update is administered OTA so you don't need your smartphone to be wired to your PC or Mac. Head over here for instructions on how to get the update.

Samsung announces plans in updating Galaxy devices to Android 4.0 ICS

Samsung has announced their plans in updating the Galaxy line of devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung will start updating the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note to Android ICS in Q1 of 2012 and other devices will follow. These devices that are included in the Android 4.0 update are: Galaxy S II LTE, Galaxy R, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Head over the break to read on Samsung's official statement.

December 19, 2011

USA: T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II in white is now available for $229.99

The white version of T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II is now available for, according to Unwired View, $229.99. If you head over to T-Mobile's website right now, it seems they are giving the SGS II for only $99.99 and that comes with a web-only discount which I believe is for a limited time only. This device shares the same specs as it's original black brother so its just the color that differ between the two.

PHIL: Samsung Galaxy Y Pro launched for only Php 9,990

The Samsung Galaxy Y Pro was launched in the country, according to Techie, for only Php 9,990. If you are one of those smartphone users that would love to have a physical QWERTY keyboard then you might want to check out what Samsung is offering the market. This is one of a slurry of  Android smartphones that Samsung announced in 2011. The Galaxy Y Pro is available in retail stores with the price you see above (Samsung's SRP). Head over the break to check out the device's specs.

December 16, 2011

USA: Verizon launches the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with 4G LTE connectivity for $299

Verizon officially launched the Galaxy Nexus today and for those who wants to own a 4G LTE packing Android 4.0 ICS smartphone, then give Verizon a big hug. The carrier is offering the device for $299 with a 2-year contract or $649.99 without a contract. As a refresher, the Galaxy Nexus runs on Android 4.0 ICS and sports a 1.2GHz TI OMAP dual-core processor, a 4.65" HD Super AMOLED display, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. If you want to know more the Galaxy Nexus click here.

PHIL: [Update] Smart and Globe launches the iPhone 4S today! - Smart unveils pricing

December 16 is the day Smart and Globe promised to the Philippines that the iPhone 4S will finally be available. Yesterday, December 15, Smart finally made public they pricing for the iPhone 4S while Globe is yet to give us any idea on how much they will be offering the smartphone when it becomes available today. Smart is offering the 16GB iPhone 4S with a plan 999 but you have to cash out Php 999 every month during the time you are contracted with Smart.

December 15, 2011

USA: T-Mobile and Nokia announces the 4G-enabled Lumia 710 - to arrive in January 11, 2012 for $49.99

Finally, after all the rumors and leaks, T-Mobile and Nokia finally and officially announced the Nokia Lumia 710. It will still be a bit of a wait from now though, if you want to get Nokia's come back phone in the US market, because T-Mobile will be launching the 4G-enabled device come January 11 of next year. The Lumia 710 marks Nokia's come back phone in the US market because they got this phone carried by a carrier and is also Nokia's first Windows Phone device to be carried in the US. Anyway, T-Mobile is pricing the Lumia 710 for onyl $49.99 with a 2-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate.

Facebook rolls out to the world the Facebook Timeline!

Good news and bad news! Good news for those who are waiting, excited, and who likes the Facebook Timeline and bad for those who does not like the new Facebook profile. The largest social network is now rolling out to all their users the new Facebook Profile more known as the Timeline. The Timeline was already rolled to some users across the world, the time when Facebook announced that New Zealanders will first get it.

LG Prada 3.0 official with press release in German

The LG Prada 3.0 is yet to be announced, at least with that event that LG and Prada announced a while back, but a photo of it leaked ahead of its announcement (which is bound to happen later). Endgadget, on the other hand was able to pull a press release regarding the smartphone, which by the way is a very sleek Android smartphone. I won't list the smartphone's specs yet but I will update this post or create a new one when LG and Prada officially unveils it to the world.

December 14, 2011

IE 9.0.4 now available via Windows Update

IE 9.0.4 is now available for download via Windows Update. I am not sure if you will get this version of the browser when download it from the download page over at Microsoft. Anyway, the update is released to bring in security fixes which they termed as severe vulnerabilities of IE. For those who are running on Windows, you should have the update ready for installation already (or if you set Windows Update to automatically download and install update, then you probably have this already). Just hit the Windows Update icon on your system try or head over to Control Panel > Windows Update and download then install IE 9.0.4

Microsoft launches SkyDrive app for Windows Phone and iOS

Microsoft has launched the SkyDrive for Windows Phone and iOS application which allows you to browse your all your stored files on SkyDrive, share the files to other people, and create and delete folders. Both the Windows Phone and iOS app looks the same (with the OS' native UI) and shares the same features. You can get the application here: Windows Phone, iPhone

Skype 2.6 for Android now available - send photos and videos inside the Skype app

Skype released an update to their Android app today which brings in a feature that most of you must be waiting for. The new feature in Skype 2.6 for Android now allows you to send photos and videos right inside the Skype app. The video sending feature is limited to some Android devices for now but Skype says that they are "working hard to extend the list of whitelisted devices for video support."

iTunes 10.5.2 released and brings in improvements to iTunes Match

iTunes 10.5.2 is now available for update and download. According to PocketNow, the latest version of iTunes brings in some improvements to iTunes Match. Also, it brings in fixes to "audio distortion when playing or importing music CDs". Get the latest version of iTunes by running the Apple Software Update tool (on Windows) or download it from the official download page.

Google Chrome 16 now available for download - brings in profiles to Chrome

Google Chrome 16 is officially out of its beta phase and is now available for the general public. Ok, every time Google releases a major update to Google Chrome, something new is coming. This update does not do much in terms of UI revamping but what I am really excited about this update is the fact that it brings in the ability for Chrome users to create multiple profiles (which I was able to use with a beta channel [version] of the browser). Having multiple profiles within one instance of Chrome means that you can have two or more different Google Chromes. 

December 13, 2011

UK: 3G-enabled Sony Tablet S now available for £449

For those who are in the UK, the Sony Tablet S 3G-enabled version of the tablet is now available for only £449. For that price the tablet you'd be getting includes a 16GB internal storage capacity. The Tablet S runs on Android Honeycomb and sports a 1GHz nVidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 5MP rear facing camera. Sony UK is currently offering three versions of the device, so head over to Sony UK and choose which of the tablets there best suits you.

UK: Samsung Galaxy M Pro now available for pre-order in the UK for £339.49

Remember when Samsung announced a slew of Android smartphones and one of those is the Galaxy M Pro? That Android smartphone by Samsung that sports a physical QWERTY keyboard along with a touchscreen display? Good news for the Brits! The smartphone is now available for pre-order courtesy of TheOrder for an unlocked price of £339.49.

USA: Toshiba Thrive 7" is now available for pre-order starting at $379.99

The Toshiba Thrive 7, announced back in September, is now available for pre-order in the US starting at $379.99. Toshiba's online store is now accepting pre-order of the 7-inch Android tablet in the US. The 16GB version of the device is priced at $379.99 and the 32GB at $429.99. For those who are eager to get one, head over at Toshiba now and pre-order yours.

December 12, 2011

PHIL: HTC Explorer and Radar launched in the Philippines

HTC in the Philippines have launched three new smartphones to end the year with a big bang in the Philippine market. I have already posted about the HTC Rhyme launched in the country priced at Php 25,000. HTC actually launched two other smartphones during that same time when the Rhyme was launched, they are the HTC Explorer and the HTC Radar.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS update available for download

This is a very late post and I apologize for that. Anyway, the BlackBerry PlayBook now has an OS update available for download OTA. That means that some of you or all of those who owns a PlayBook might have updated them already. The update brings in security updates and Daylight savings time fixes. Anyway, for those who have not updated yet, head over to the BlackBerry Knowledge Base for instructions on how to download and install the update. Enjoy!

December 11, 2011

WebOS to become open source - HP won't make WebOS yet

HP announced Friday, that the company will be contributing their WebOS platform to the open source community. At least the company is not killing the platform, right? I hope that with this move though, WebOS will live on as a platform that hopefully will be a major competition in the mobile OS market. “webOS is the only platform designed from the ground up to be mobile, cloud-connected and scalable,” said Meg Whitman, HP president and chief executive officer. “By contributing this innovation, HP unleashes the creativity of the open source community to advance a new generation of applications and devices.”

USA:Droid XyBoard now available online will be in Verizon stores by December 12

The recently announced Verizon Droid XyBoard 8.2 and 10.1are now available over at Verizon Wireless' online store. The pricing that the carrier announced back in December 7 is still the same, I mean nothing was changed. So for those who wants the Droid XyBoard (16GB with 4G LTE) you gotta shell out $429.99 and for the Droid XyBoard 10.1 (16GB with 4G LTE) you'll need $529.99. All of these prices, including those that will be listed after the break, are with a 2-year contract with the Big Red.

December 10, 2011

Panasonic enters the smartphone market with the announcement of their first Android phone

A new entrant to the tablet market, Panasonic is now a competitor in the smartphone global market. The company unveiled their first Android smartphone that packs a 4.3" qHD display. This is just an announcement and Panasonic is scheduled or wants to launch the device in Europe by 2012. The smartphone is also expected to sport an NFC chip and will also be dustproof and waterproof. Head over the break for the official press release.

UK: [Update] Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime now available fore pre-order

The Asus Transformer Prime, the world's first quad-core device, was announced back in November. Until now, the device has not yet been shipping to doorsteps anywhere in the world. It is already available for pre-order in the US and the British market adds to the number of countries that the tablet is available for pre-order. Courtesy of Clove UK, the Brits can now pre-order either the 32GB or the 64GB  WiFi-only Transformer Prime. Clove's estimate time of arrival for the tablet is on January of 2012. Albeit not yet official, its a good indication on when Asus will officialy launch the tablet in the UK.

Nokia N9 with 64GB of internal storage debuts in Finland for €629

Remember when Nokia announced the White version of the N9? It is a special kind of N9 because it, apparently, is the only N9 that has 64GB of internal storage.  Now, the device makes a world wide debut in Finland where it can now be bought unlocked for €629. There are two retailers offering the white Nokia N9, Verkkokauppa  Katshing, the former offers the device for an additional €0.90 though.

Nokia Lumia 710 now shipping globally to stores

Nokia has announced that they are already shipping to store shelves the second Windows Phone device, the Lumia 710. The smartphone will first be selling in Taiwan as you are reading this post and other markets will be getting the smartphone in the coming weeks. The phone is getting an estimated retail price of €270 excluding taxes and subsidies. After Taiwan, where the Lumia 800 is also selling, the Lumia 71 0will be making its way to Singapore, Hong Kong, India, and Russia "in the next seven days" and other global markets should be expecting it "in the coming weeks". Head over the break to read Nokia's press release.

AUS: MobiCity now sells an unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 for $679

Australians are really getting all of the great news today. MobiCity is now offering or selling the Nokia Lumia 800 for an unlocked price of only $679. The unlocked device can be used either with Optus, Telstra, Vodafone,  and Three. Those who are in Australia and wants to own a Lumia 800, head over to MobiCity now and get yourself a Christmas gift.

LG and Prada to unveil the new Prada Phone by LG 3.0 in London

I, apparently, did not receive any invites from LG or Prada but Endgadget did, of course. The recently announced partnership between LG and Prada will be unveiling the Prada Phone by LG 3.0 in London by next Wednesday, that's December 14th. So, for those who wants to buy an expensive phone, mark your calendars on the 14th of Dec then.

AUS: Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available for pre-order over at Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Australia is now accepting pre-orders of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the world's first smartphone to sport the latest version of Android, Android 4.0 ICS. I dont really understand the pricing of Vodafone here, but the webpage says that the phone will be available at $5 on the $59 Cap. Vodafone Australia, I believe, is the first carrier in Australia that offers the said smartphone on pre-order. Probably they will be the first to launch the device. So for those who wants to be one of the first to own a Galaxy Nexus, head over to the Vodafone Store and pre-order yours now.

AUS: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 finally announced and will be sold in Australia

Samsung in Australia, after the ban of selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1, wasted no time in announcing the availability of the tablet in the country. The tablet will be available, says Samsung, "in time for the Christmas shopping period". For pricing, the 16GB WiFi-only variant will be sold for AUS$579 and for the 3G-enabled with 16GB storage is priced at AUS$729. Finally, great news for those who are waiting for this device to officially arrive in Australia. The question now is, since the sale was barred for a long time already, will someone still buy it?

Twitter announces a revamped UI both on your desktop and your phones

Twitter has announced and is already rolling out, "in the next few weeks", a newly revamped site both on desktops and on mobile phones! Twitter is saying that the new design will be easier to follow people who really matter to you. The redesign, since it will be a roll out, will be available to everyone but not on the same time. It will be applied to people who use twitter on their PCs or Macs and to mobile applications which includes the mobile site of the social network.

USA: T-Mobile to officially launch their version of the Galaxy S II in white in December 14

Waiting for the white version of the T-Mobile Galaxy S II? Good news! T-Mobile USA announced via Twitter, that their own version of the Galaxy S II will be available in white this coming December 14th. The tweet confirmed rumors that a white version of the superphone will be coming and that is awesome for those who are waiting for it. Anyway, on the same day, T-Mobile, together with Nokia, will be announcing something too so December 14 is an event-packed day for T-Mobile USA.

USA: T-Mobile & Nokia to announce something in December 14th

So, what do you think these two companies will be announcing come December 14th? Will it be the Nokia Lumia 701? or the Nokia Lumia 800? The invite, certainly, did not give any clues on what they will be announcing but with the whole tiled concept of the invite, it is definitely something Windows Phone. Anyway, mark your calendars on the 14th of the last month of the year, I will definitely be blogging about it.

Google+ app for Android gets a new icon and new features

When Google+ went to public beta land it brought with it a new icon. Today, an updated version of the social network's Android application which also brings in the new icon and some features that were basically from users of the app. For those who are excited for the update, head over to the Android Market and get the new app.

December 9, 2011

PHIL: HTC Rhyme now available in the Philippines with an SRP of Php 25,000

HTC officially launched the HTC Rhyme giving it an SRP of only Php 25,000. The HTC Rhyme is HTC's first smartphone to offer Sens 3.5 the company's newest and most advanced UI (Android overlay) ever or HTC's newly revamped UI which comes built-in with a Dropbox. The HTC Rhyme, as a refresher, runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and sports a 3.7" SLCD display, 1GHz cpu, 768MB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a 5MP rear facing camera with 720p video recording, and a 1,600 mAh.