Pump Priming you with Gadgets and Technology

TechPump is a technology blog that focuses on gadgets most notably smartphones, portable music players, and tablets. It also posts about laptops and desktops but does not focus on these devices. It provides local (USA, India, UK, Australia, Philippines) and international updates on the latest news, leaks, rumors, announcements, and product launches the soonest they become available. This blogsite primarily gets the news and updates from trusted sources with the likes of Endgadget, Boy Genius Report, Unwired View, and SlashGear.

TechPump was started as Drey's Posterous, now turned into a media site, in December of 2009. It is controlled, managed, and updated by Christian Drey, a tech blogger who got his AB Economics degree from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. In August of 2010, TechPump was born in an effort to give the blog site a permanent identity.

The name TechPump is a combination of the word "technology" and an economic action called "pump priming".

 TechPump is not funded by any organization, institution, or foundation.