October 31, 2010

Sprint CEO thanks the iPad

Sure enough, Sprint does not sell or offer the iPad or the iPhone to their customers but Sprint CEO Dan Hesse still thanked the iPad. But why? Head over the break to know why.

US Apple Online Store is closed, at least for now

So you were going to Apple's online store, really wanting to buy that gorgeous MacBook Air or the iPhone 4 or the iPod Touch when you are faced with that post it on the webpage. What could be Apple doing with their online store?

LG Optimus 7 review by Endgadget

The LG Optimus 7, a Windows Phone 7 device, is one of the two WP7 smartphones that LG currently unveiled. For me it's a great phone design wise, I could not say the same for performance, because all of the current WP7 devices have equal performance, base on other WP7 device reviews. What, I think, made makes the LG Optimus 7 a great device is basically who how it's been put all together and the combination of a great, not perfect, OS in a great, not perfect, hardware. Head over the break to know what Endgadget thinks of the LG Optimus 7.

October 30, 2010

HTC 7 Trophy review by Endgadget

The HTC 7 Trophy is the 4th HTC Windows Phone 7 device that Endgadget was able to review about. There are actually 5 WP7 HTCs that they have unveiled, the HTC HD7, HTC 7 Surround, & HTC 7 Mozart have all been reviewed, except for one, that until now has yet to be reviewed, the HTC 7 Pro. I think, the HTC 7 Pro is also yet to give us some live photos or hands on. This time it's the HTC 7 Trophy's hour to be on the spotlight and gets to be judged right there and then. Head over the break to read the goods an the bads of this smartphone.

Apple's new MacBook Air gets reviewed by Gizmodo

Launched a week ago during the "Back to the Mac" event by Apple, the newly refreshed MacBook Air gets refreshed and comes in two sizes, an 11.6 inch netbook and an ultra light & thin 13.3 inch. It was also available right on the day Steve Jobs unveiled it and starts from $999 for the 11.6" 64GB. But is it really all worth it? Does it deserve that much money, considering it's processor is an old Intel Core 2 Duo? Head over the break to find out.

Facebook to host a Mobile Event on November 3

Facebook has been sending out invites for a "Mobile Event" on November 3rd, yeah they've been sending it to them, thanks to BGR for the photo, I'm never invited. Anyhow, this so called Mobile Event, is something really mysterious. Is it something on their mobile website that have something new and they want to talk about it? Or is it simply the Facebook Phone that everyone is talking about, back then? We'll see what this Mobile thing is going on over at Facebook. November 3, mark your calendar.

Source: BGR


iPhoto 2011 gets software update to fix a bug

Click to enlarge
This software update for the iPhoto 2011 fixes a bug on the application. The bug causes the application t loose data when "upgrading a library from an earlier version of iPhoto." Many have complained about it and Apple responds by releasing the said update. The update's size is 33.87MB which required iLife '11 anda Mac OS X 10.6.3 or higher. Download the update by clicking here.

Source: TUAW


Twitter's new logo, buttons, widgets, and new guidelines

With Twitter's new website layout and look comes their new buttons, logo, and widgets plus an updated guideline - rules and regulations in using the new Twitter logo, buttons, and widgets. 

One main thing you have to remember is if you are currently using Twitter's old buttons, widgets, and logos you must change them into the new ones. 

Acer Liquid Metal comes to the UK in November running on Android 2.2

This was announced before but the months on when they will be launched are different. Today, Unwired View reports that Acer announced, once again, that the Acer Liquid Metal Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone will be available in the UK somewhere in the middle of November for the brown Liquid Metal and in December for the grey. It's recommended retail price...

Microsoft posted record revenue

Apple might have reported their highest quarterly earning ever, a record high, but they are not alone. Microsoft, the software giant from Redmond also reported record high earnings. Microsoft reported a $16.20 billion revenue last quarter, that's a whopping 25% increase during the same quarter last year. That revenue resulted in a $5.41 Billion profit. This might be the result of the record setting number of Windows 7 license activations all over the world and do not forget to add in Microsoft Office 2010 into the equation. Apple on the other hand...

iPhone 4 going to Verizon, confirmed & Banned White iPhone 4 video

Fortune confirmed that the iPhone 4 is truly coming over at Verizon. And that's as definitive as it gets. Now on other more funnier news, the Banned White iPhone 4 video. You gotta watch it if you haven't, It's my first time and I thought I was not gonna be able to watch because it was suppose to be "banned". Anyway If you want to read a very short summary of the confirmation of the iPhone going into Verizon click on the source link after the break. The videos there too.

Lokal: Ipinakita at ipinalipad na ng Samsung Pilipinas ang SF Series nila ng kwaderno

Photo credit: Techie
Simula po ngayong araw na ito ang Samsung Pilipinas ay binibenta na ang SF Series na laptops nila sa bansang Pilipinas. May dalawang bersyon and laptop na ito. Ang na una nang bersyon, ang NF Series na maliit na kwaderno, ay inanunsyo na po ng Samsung nuon pa at sininulan na nila ang pag bibenta nito nuon pa din. Sa ngayon naman ang SF Series naman ang naka tanggap nang parehong atensyon, sa kadahilanang ito'y ananunsyo din nila kanina at sinimulang ipagbibili ang mga SF Series nila na mga kwaderno sa mamyang Pilipino.

Samsung posts Q3 2010 fiscal results & sold 7 million Galaxy S-es and 2 million waves

South Korea's and the world's biggest conglomerate reported their Q3 2010 earnings and earn they did. Let's cut to the chase and dive immediately into the numbers of it all. Since, Samsung's a group of companies, it's total revenue for the quarter with all of it's other businesses is 40.23 trillion won ($35.77 billion). It's they best quarterly result since the 4th quarter of 2009, I'd go clapping my hands if I worked for them. That revenue resulted in a profit of 4.46 trillion won ($3.97 billion). Of course they don't just have the Samsung Mobile and Electronics business but they have other businesses all of which reported profits, at least the businesses that my source said was profiting. Forward to Samsung's mobile phone business, which reported an 11.12 trillion won ($9.86 billion) revenue with an operating profit of 1.13 trillion won ($1 billion). Those figures equated to a much better quarterly percentage compared to the last quarter.

October 29, 2010

Apple online store in China opens sells iPhone like there's no tomorrow, too

China gets a taste of Apple's online store and it opened like there are people lining up to buy an iPhone. Well, Microsoft's Kinect speedy pre-orders did not stop Apple from doing it over their side, again. We all know that Apple sold millions upon millions of iPhones in the world but they did not want China to miss out on this online shopping spree. According to iPhonefaq, just 10 hours in when the online store was publicly open to receive their orders and whatnots, the whole stock of iPhone 4s were completely depleted. Now that's what you call selling.

Source: Neowin


Sony Ericsson will start rolling out Android 2.1 updates to their Xperia line on Sunday

Just now, my feed reader got this news from Sony Ericsson, that they have will finally start rolling out the Android 2.1 Eclair updates to their Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro. Yup, the list did not include the Xperia X8, unfortunately, hope they just forgot to put it in writing. The update will start rolling out in Europe and of course, other markets will follow, if you're not in Europe, don't be sad, at least they are starting it already.

HTC's Q4 fiscal report - record breaking earnings

HTC, the small (back then) Taiwanese company went from a not so well known cellphone manufacturer to the company that spits out new smartphones almost everyday is happy in reporting a record breaking quarterly revenue for Q4 of 2010. The report said that their Q4 earnings was double that of last year's, in numbers would mean $3.3 billion and that's further equal to 9.9 million units. HCT said that for the 2010 fiscal year they have shipped a total of 25 million units. Well, if I am working with HTC, I'd be proud of this feat. 

So it's true Google Nexus Two by Samsung

Gizmodo's mock up of the Nexus Two
If this is how the Nexus Two would look like, then there's a similarity of it from the Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S). Hey, we have to thank the guys at Gizmodo for providing us this mock up of the expected Google Nexus Two - the "true Google phone".

Microsoft's Kinect selling like there's no tomorrow

Microsoft has been teasing people with it's up coming and touted to be the hottest gaming console add on, the Kinect, which basically makes you the controller. After all of that teasing and what not Microsoft is prepping up to launch the gaming accessory ahead of the holiday season this year. So, it's on pre-orders right now and it's selling like there's no tomorrow over at Best-Buy, Game Stop, Amazon.com, and Wal-mart.

Updated: CrystalRoc creates the most exclusive tablet computer in the world

CrystalRoc put a bit of bling into the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Clearly this is something that the people who likes shiny things on their devices and gadgets would want. Instead of buying for friend of your loved one a ring, necklace, or the like during the holiday season, why not give her this shiny and very exclusive Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Samsung have given CrystalRoc and Micro Anvika the permission to put a bit of art on the tablet device. Actually its not just a bit because they have covered the device with 5,700 shiny and glitzy Swarovski crystals. Any woman would cry for this or not. 

Update: TechRadar reports that Harrods (London) have started selling "the most exclusive" tablet computer in the world for £2,700 ($4,361)

Source: Luxury Launches


Sony Ericsson shows off video of Xperia X10 on Android 2.1 Eclair

As promised, a promise that kept on being posponed, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will be getting it's Android 2.1 upgrade sometime next month. One clue that Sony Ericsson is sticking with this plan and schedule, is a video that shows what are some of the expected things on the X10 when it's upgraded to Android 2.1 Eclair.

HTC Wildfire to come into US soil

I thought I am never gonna get anything from this device after it was launched in Asia and in Europe. It seems HTC is bringing this little thing into US consumers, the HTC Wildfire. 

According to MobileBurn, HTC has announced that the HTC Wildfire will go on sale in the US into some unnamed network carriers. One thing that HTC allegedly say is that the device will be available on American regional carriers before 2010 ends. Regional carriers mean, US Cellular, Cricket, Cellular South, and the likes. So we just have to wait for more info and updates about this device landing on US soil by the end of this year.

HTC 7 Surround and Samsung Focus to be availble at AT&T on Nov 8

Two Windows Phone 7 devices are announced to be launched on November 8th, at least officially. AT&T made the announcement a few days back that their two WP7 offerings will make their ways into their store shelves. On the other hand AT&T's third WP7 device, the LG Quantum will also launch on November 8th. So AT&T loyalist who wants to try a "different kind of phone" November 8 is the date you want to mark your calendars.

Read HTC 7 Surround's and Samsung Focus' review by clicking on the link.

Source: BGR


October 28, 2010

US Cellular to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab to their customers, US Cellular, the  regional network provider, joins with the Big 4 in launching to their customers the Android powered tablet, and it's official.

Although US Cellular officially announced the news, they have not disclosed their pricing on the tablet and when they are going to sell the tablet. So, I think, we have to wait for it when US Cellular tells us when and how much the Galaxy Tab is over at their stores.

Source: BGR


Google Nexus Two to be made by Samsung?

A few days back Samsung announced that they will be unveiling a new Android device coming November 8th. Now a rumors is lurking around saying that Google might be unveiling the next "true Google" phone, the Google Nexus Two. Android and Me have “multiple, trusted sources familiar with the project” and said that Samsung is to make the next Nexus.

Verizon starts selling the iPad

October 28th is the day Verizon is set to sell the iPad and when I checked their website, surprise! You can buy the iPad now over at Verizon. This is basically the start of Apple and Verizon's partnership, isn't it? This is also good as it gives the US consuming public at least two choices which network they would want their Apple device, in this case an iPad, tied with.

Apple removed the white iPhone 4 from the Apple Store

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Apple has apparently removed the white iPhone 4 from their website. It was there before with just a "not available" sign but now, they have completely removed it. For those who are holding back on buying the black iPhone 4 this news ain't good. With this development it's now safe to assume that Apple may have cancelled the white iPhone 4.

Source: BGR


Motorola Droid 2 gets update promises better battery life

Endgadget received reports that a software update for the Motorola Droid 2 has started rolling out. The Over-The-Air (OTA) update promises many things one of which is to improve battery life. Other improvements include faster transition between WiFi and 3G data connection, and faster location tracking over GPS. Head over the break to view more of the update's enhancements and improvements, taken from Endgadget. 

HTC Mecha leaks on HTC Sense web portal

Click to enlarge
If your an HTC fan, would pretty much be wondering what this Mecha is. Well, it apparently is shown in HTC Sense's portal as a choice of phones you can register in the HTC Sense web portal. Well, Endgagdet said that this phone has been floating around before, well, I haven't heard of it ever. The photo that is shown in the portal, unfortunately, is a picture of the HTC Hero, well, I think HTC has not made this phone yet or is it a sign that they will make the Mecha like the Hero with it's 'industrial" design? Hed over the break to view the photo.

Opera released Opera Mini 5.1 Beta for Symbian

Millions of Symbian phones are currently being used ll over the world, that's undeniable. I do not have any statistics with me, but I think it's the most used Mobile OS in the world. So with in mind, Opera released Opera Mini 5.1 Beta for your Symbian ran handset. It features a brand new native version of the mobile browser. Improvements like overall loading time are enhanced and a "flawless integration with your phone!" Head over the break to read more of what's new with this release and where to download the said mobile browser.

HP Envy 17 3D laptop finally available starting $1599.99

And finally the HP Envy 17 3D laptop is available for purchase.The HP Envy line of laptops is basically the successor of the HP Pavilion line and when news things come, new things are also expected. The HP Envy 17 3D comes with shutter glasses for that 3D of it all. Head over the break to check this Envy's specs.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone's gaming platform Z-System?

Z-System, as what a tipster by Endgadget said, is the gaming platform for the recently, note really long ago, leaked Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone.  The tipster said that Z-System maps to a domain, Z-System.com, owned by Sony Ericsson. Endgadget also noted that the company (Sony Ericsson) holds trademarks for Z-System both in the US and in Benelux offices, that is coincidently filed within this year and got approved. Further, the filing category of the said trademark "software for interacting or playing with electronic or video games," so it clearly means that if this is all true, which Endgadget urges so, then Z-System is the gaming platform for the PlayStation Phone. 

Source: Endgadget


US Cellular starts selling their own Galaxy S - Samsung Mesmerize

It was promised and it is realized, the Samsung Mesmerize is now selling at US Cellular. It's the carrier's version of the Samsung Galaxy S line just like what the Big 4 has. You can get the Mesmerize for $199 after an $80 mail-in rebate. It ships just like the other Galaxy S-es with Android 2.1 Eclair, but it'll be updated to Froyo, I'm sure with that. Head over the break to read the Samsung Mesmerize's specs.

HTC Desire HD reviewed by Endgadget

The HTC Desire HD, one of the giant Android phones in the market today gets reviewed by Endgadget. Launched in the UK and is available too in the UK the Desire HD is HTC's flagship Android phone, is it? Oh well, it doesn't matter which is the flagship phone. The HTC Desire HD together with the Desire Z are the first phones from that features the latest HTC Sense UI. So I'll be taking snippets of important points that Endgadget have put in their time with the HTC Desire HD. Specs first.

October 27, 2010

RIM has finally confirmed the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and will land on T-Mobile

And then the spotlight turned to the first BlackBerry Bold to run on RIM's latest OS - BlackBerry 6 - the BlackBerry Bold 9780. After a sea of leaks, rumors, and what nots of the device, it's finally announced by RIM and unveiled. The 9780 looks pretty much like the 9700 it sports an optical trackpad, full QWERTY keyboard, 3G, WiFi, WebKit browser, 5MP camera, 512MB RAM, GPS, and a microSD card slot. T-Mobile will be offering the latest Bold device on November 17th for $129.99 with a 2-year contract..

Source: Endgadget


Samsung Galaxy Tab will hit T-Mobile stores on Nov 10 for $400

They just don't stop, they keep on coming and raining down on my feeds. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is confirmed by T-Mobile that it will be coming into their store shelves on November 10th for $400 with a 2-year contract.

iPhone 4 done with 24c gold and customized graphics

©Computer Choppers
As you probably know, we like to distinguish ourselves when it comes to customizations for our products.
That's what Computer Choppers is saying. Unlike Stuart Hughes, Computer Choppers would like to distinguish themselves from other companies who customized gadgets and what nots. Computer Chopper's latest creation is a jaw-dropping 24 carat gold plated iPhone 4. The difference about this offering and as well as other Computer Choppers customizations is that they specialize in patterns and graphics customization. 

Source: Luxury Launches


Microsoft releases Windows 7 SP1 RC

Microsoft officially released an Service Pack - RC version of it's Windows 7, the Service Pack 1 Release Candidate. Am I saying it right? Anyway the version has this code name, windows6.1-KB976932. As with all Service Packs of all the different Windows OS, this one is expected to enhance several things on Microsoft's record breaking, Windows 7 OS. These enhancements include Remote FX and "many incremental updates to the platform". 

Microsoft's purpose of releasing Service Packs is to increase the performance, security, and speed of their OS-es and this one is not excluded from that. Since this is an RC (Release Candidate) version, it should be a stable version already, but as with other software updates whenever it's not a final version of the update then, "install at your own risk.".

The SP update is available, as always, in both 32bit and 64bit of Win7. The size of the update is 865.4MB for the 64bit and 514.7MB for the 32bit. Get the update from Microsoft's download center.

Source: Neowin


Apple said White iPhone 4 will be delayed until Spring 2011

Apple, have said that the White iPhone 4 will be delayed, giving no reason of the delay, until Spring of 2011. For those who are not buying the new iPhone 4 because they are waiting for the launching of the white version of it, then you have to wait until next year. If you have been obervant on Apple's trend in releasing devices then you should know that in a few months from the white iPhone 4 is launched the next iPhone would be unveiled, the iPhone 5 maybe?
"so waiting for a white iPhone 4 really doesn't make any sense now." -TUAW

Source: TUAW


The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

Sony PlayStation Portable Go
Oh, I'm sorry for posting the wrong photo. It ain't my fault they look fairly the same! The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone was rumored before, it had a rendered photo though but now? It seems Endgadget got a hold of tons of photos of the true PlayStation Phone that presumably, Sony Ericsson is cooking. Head over the break to check out the "true" PSP Phone.

HTC HD7 on pre-orders over at Amazon and Wirefly

Over at T-Mobile USA, the HTC HD7 is expected to be launched on November 8th. The HTC HD7 is the largest Windows Phone 7 device so far. Head over the break to check out the HTC HD7's specs and where you can pre-order the device.

October 26, 2010

Huawei Ideos S7 Android tablet takes your pre-orders at Best Buy with the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Best Buy USA takes your pre-orders of two upcoming Android-based tablets, the Huawei Ideos S7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. 

The Huawei S7 will cost $299.99, Unwired View said that the S7 "is no match for Samsung’s offering". The Huawei S7 runs on Android 2.1 Eclair, WiFi only, and Best Buy said that the S7 might be shipping on November 7th.

Microsoft: Office for Mac 2011 now available

Click to enlarge

The Mac counterpart of the popular Microsoft Office, the Office for Mac 2011 is now available. The suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Microsoft Excel and for the first time Microsoft have included Microsoft Outlook which is set to replace the not so popular Entourage Email client.
  • Microsoft Office for Home and Student 2011 (single license): $109.99 – $149.99
  • Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business (single license): $174.99 – $279.99

Source: BGR


Samsung Galaxy Tab to be released in South Korea

Samsung, a South Korean company, will be releasing it's Galaxy Tab to the place where it came from. Samsung is set to sell its Android tablet on its home market early next month, November 3. Samsung kept silent about the tablet's price in South Korea but eventually everything will be revealed when Nov 3 comes. Big Sammy is suppose to release the tablet in SK on October 23 unfortunately, that obviously did not happen, since Samsung have to improve some localized apps and what not on the tablet before they give the public a chance to buy it. So, to the land where K-Pop is, November 3 is the day you want to look out for.

Source: Samsung Hub


Update: White iPhone 4 shows up in Apple Store App - White iPhone 4 listing was taken down

Now would you look at that? A white iPhone 4 as an option in Apple's 'Store' App that was updated yesterday. The white iPhone 4 is not yet on Apple's online store but on their App you can actually reserve it. What does that mean? Is the unveiling of the white iPhone 4 rumored a long time ago is imminent? 

Source: BGR

Update: Neowin just confirmed the the listing was taken down by Apple, probably the whole white iPhone 4 thing was a mistake?


Adobe officially confirms Flash 10.1 support on Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, WebOS and more

So Adobe finally made things official with the Flash 10.1 support on devices. Adobe announced it during the Max Conference. I'll post a snippet from Adobe about the Flash 10.1 support and which OS will be getting it.
"Flash Player 10.1 is available on Android and Google TV today, with BlackBerry platform, HP webOS 2.0, future versions of Windows® Phone, LiMo, MeeGo, and Symbian OS also expected to support Flash Player 10.1"
Here is the list of devices that are currently supporting Flash 10.1 and  upcoming devices that will get it.

Source: Endgadget


Apple is now offering free engraving on your iPad

Gifting the iPad to someone else? Or you just want to put a personal touch on your iPad? Apple now offers this added service for free! Just in time for the holiday season get your iPad that laser-engraving you want for $0, no additional cost whatsoever. 
"Add a personal laser-engraved message to your iPad. It’s easy and it’s free."
If you decide you want to put some engraving work on the iPad's aluminum back expect that the shipping time would be increased but not that much though and you really have to think before you decide on engraving your new iPad because Apple has this sales and return policy which states (specially on customized devices): 

"Personalized iPods (e.g., engraved or customized in any way) may not be returned for refund or exchange under any circumstances unless such product is Dead on Arrival (see the section below for more detailed information on such Dead on Arrival products). "

So head on over to Apple Store to get yourself an iPad for the holiday season, a great gift for yourself or for someone else.

Source: Apple 


iOS 4.1 security bug discovered - bypass passcode entry

There's a security flaw in the iOS 4.1 discovered that allows people to gain access to you photos, apps, and what not in your iPhone (or any device running on iOS 4.1 for that matter) even if you have a passcode entry in place. And it' pretty simple to bypass by the way.
"How it works: when the passcode entry screen comes up, tap "Emergency Call." Input any number you like, then tap "Call" and click the iPhone's sleep switch in quick succession (to get this to work, I had to perform the two actions almost simultaneously). If you've done the "trick" properly, you should now have full access to the iPhone's Phone app, including contacts, keypad, and calling history. What's more: tapping "Share Contact" and the camera icon will give you access to the Photos app. That's the extent of your access -- hitting the home button doesn't do anything at all -- but it's bad enough."
More bad news, is that Daring Fireball's John Gruber said, that the bug can be done in the iOS 4.2. But Apple is, I think aware of this already, and is doing something about it.

Source: TUAW


Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac goes beta

The Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is now on Beta. Microsoft is just making sure that Mac users who wants to have a Windows Phone 7 device will have no problem with connecting their WP7 smartphone to their Mac devices. It's still on beta but hey, at least it's out even before anyone in the US owns a WP7 device.

Source: Endgadget


HP's Palm Pre 2 gets it's own commercial video

HP's Palm Pre 2 gets a commercial video! It's a 30 second or so video clip about, of course, the Palm Pre 2 and HP's mobile OS WebOS 2.0 which is set to change and get the mobile OS industry back into their backyard. Watch the short clip about the Palm Pre 2.

Source: BGR


WiFi Direct launched - Bluetooth killer

Have you ever asked yourself that the bluetooth technology in you cellphones or smartphones is basically WiFi? Or at least the principle of it that it's a connection wirelessly? Have you ever wished for WiFi connection speed with Bluetooth technology in mind - faster file transfer from one device to the other e.g. smartphone to smartphone?