December 25, 2010

Bada 1.2 update is confirmed to be pushed to Wave handsets

Yup, it's confirmed the Bada 1.2 update for Wave devices will be pushed through. The update based on the tweet by Samsungbada will be first pushed in Europe with those Wave handsets that came SIM free the first to get the update. Expect the update to arrive on your smartphones early next year.

Wave devices outside Europe will also get the Bada 1.2 update withing the first quarter of next year. The exact date of when the update will start to make way into your devices will depend on the country and the network operator you have the device tied with.
"In addition to the bug fixes and improved security, bada 1.2 update will also add the T9 Trace keyboard that works like Swype." - Samsung Hub

Source: Samsung Hub



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