May 29, 2014

LG unveiled the LG G3 - "Simple is the new Smart"

LG, yesterday, announced the successor to the LG G2 and will be the company's 2014 flagship Android smartphone. The LG G3 was announced in London yesterday in a huge setting with Dr. Woo taking the stage. LG aims and promises that the G3 will be simple and not something complex and hard to learn which personally is a truth when it comes to smartphones and with today's new technologies just sprouting out like mushrooms. Like the G2, the G3, has the lock and power button at the device's rear. It has some neat stuff in it like a laser auto focus technology for the device's camera and a 5.5" Quad HD display among others. The LG G3 is said to stomp the Samsung Galaxy S5 and make it look like old technology. The G3 will first shed light on a store shelf in South Korea by May 28th and according to LG will be rolled out to other regions around the world afterwards. For the exact date? You and I will have to wait for that.

May 15, 2014

HTC announces the HTC One Mini 2

HTC has announced the HTC One Mini 2. As what the name suggests, it is the mini version of the HTC One (M8), their 2014 Android flagship smartphone. Also, HTC is struggling not only in their general smartphone sales but also in the mid-range market. Like most mini versions of a flagship device, the One Mini 2 does not deviate from the design concept of it's bigger brother. The only difference from this device to the bigger brother is the size and of course the specs, not to mention the price. As per HTC, the Mini 2 should be available starting June 2014.