December 21, 2010

Microsoft announced over 1.5 million of WP7 devices sold

On Tuesday, the company from Redmond announced that 1.5 million units of Windows Phone 7 devices were sold. Done in just after 8 weeks after the international launching of the operating system while the OS was launched in the US 6 weeks ago. This might be a good sign for Microsoft and it's newest mobile OS plus it's app marketplace have already reached 4000 apps available.“We believe that to succeed in mobile you need, first of all, a great product, and we think we have that,” Microsoft exec Achim Berg said. 

With this figure, all we can hope is that Microsoft can start releasing updates to their Windows Phone 7 OS, updates like "copy and paste" and whatnots. Hopefully too, this will be the WP7's start into a more stable and a more popular OS in the market. It's also high-time for Microsoft to go back into the mobile OS market and start reclaiming market shares they have apparently lost.

Source: BGR



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