December 26, 2010

HTC will eventually customize the WP7 UI

HTC have been successful with it's HTC Sense UI, that are commonly seen in their Android handsets. They have also worked all around the clock with the UI and have given it an update that can be seen in the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z plus the whole Sense experience which includes the web portal and whatnots.

With the newest mobile OS in the market today, that is making a challenge in the industry, HTC might be bringing the Sense experience into it too. Slowly but surely, is what my source said, and I do believe that HC will definitely make it happen. Unlike Android, Windows Phone 7, is not an open source OS, so putting on a UI overlay on it will not be easy is not allowed.
“HTC’s goal is for the Sense experience to span all of our products,” said Mr. Bamford. “Microsoft has its own goal of consistency across Windows Phone 7 products. I think it comes down to working closely with Microsoft to do as much as we can.” - Drew Bamford

So, the question now is, do we want to get that Windows Phone 7 UI covered with something that HTC can and is willing to offer us? Will HTC give us an Android OS overlay look a like? Will it be completely different from the Sense UI seen in Android devices by HTC?

We need to wait for those questions to be answered. Hope HTC will give the WP7 UI a do, a bit.

Source: BGR


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