March 26, 2011

Samsung renames original Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 10.1V - Thinner version won't be sold in the UK?

We already know that the Korean giant announced their Android 3.0 tablet challenger during the Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The "re announcement" of the same tablet in a different event at a different place (CTIA 2011 in Florida) was a surprise. I thought they were only gonna announce the Galaxy Tab 8.9 but they also announced a much sleeker Galaxy Tab 10.1

We also know for a fact that the "re announcement" was due to Samsung's response to how Apple was able to make their iPad 2 that amazingly thin. The announcement in Florida was basically to tell the world that if Apple can do it, so can we. Hence, the world's thinnest tablets.

The first or the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 (announced in MWC 2011) is thicker than the Tab 10.1 that was announced in Florida and you probably thought, what will Samsung do to those Tab 10s that were already produced or manufactured? Well, aside from giving it a different name from the thinner one, the Galaxy Tab 10.1V will be sold in the UK via Vodafone UK. According to a much unwanted report by Pocket-Lint it was heard that the UK will actually not get the thinner and newer Galaxy Tab. But of course these aren't confirmed reports so Samsung might think otherwise.

Source: Endgadget


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