October 29, 2010

Microsoft's Kinect selling like there's no tomorrow

Microsoft has been teasing people with it's up coming and touted to be the hottest gaming console add on, the Kinect, which basically makes you the controller. After all of that teasing and what not Microsoft is prepping up to launch the gaming accessory ahead of the holiday season this year. So, it's on pre-orders right now and it's selling like there's no tomorrow over at Best-Buy, Game Stop, Amazon.com, and Wal-mart.

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Actually the Kinect is selling so fast that they've stopped taking pre-orders of the gaming accessory because it's already sold out! They just changed the button from "Pre-Order" to "Coming Soon". Now, there's a lot of shipping Microsoft has to do when it launches the Kinect.
"Neowin previously reported of a Microsoft employee's prediction that Kinect sales will "blow away" the iPad. Kinect for the Xbox 360 is set to hit stores shelves on November 4 in North America and November 10 in Europe. The device carries a $149.99/£149.99 price tag and launch with 17 game titles."

Source:  Neowin & BGR


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