October 28, 2010

HTC Mecha leaks on HTC Sense web portal

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If your an HTC fan, would pretty much be wondering what this Mecha is. Well, it apparently is shown in HTC Sense's portal as a choice of phones you can register in the HTC Sense web portal. Well, Endgagdet said that this phone has been floating around before, well, I haven't heard of it ever. The photo that is shown in the portal, unfortunately, is a picture of the HTC Hero, well, I think HTC has not made this phone yet or is it a sign that they will make the Mecha like the Hero with it's 'industrial" design? Hed over the break to view the photo.

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You can actually try this for yourself. Click on the source link below.

Source: HTC Sense
Via: Endgadget



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