October 29, 2010

HTC's Q4 fiscal report - record breaking earnings

HTC, the small (back then) Taiwanese company went from a not so well known cellphone manufacturer to the company that spits out new smartphones almost everyday is happy in reporting a record breaking quarterly revenue for Q4 of 2010. The report said that their Q4 earnings was double that of last year's, in numbers would mean $3.3 billion and that's further equal to 9.9 million units. HCT said that for the 2010 fiscal year they have shipped a total of 25 million units. Well, if I am working with HTC, I'd be proud of this feat. 

It's undeniable that Google helped with HTC's rise to stardom, definitely a leader in the Android market. 
"built a smartphone empire on the back of Google’s Android operating system"
But that is not stopping them from producing more and more smartphones, making consumers more confused on which smartphone they would buy, not to mention Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Nokia, RIM, and the other smartphone competitors out there who also spitting out devices to the market. They have also partnered with Microsoft in launching HTC's first batch of Windows Phone 7 devices but have said to continue using the Android OS as their main operating system.
“We believe the overall pie is still big enough to have at least three to four tier-1 players enjoy the growth momentum,” -HTC

Source: BGR


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