October 29, 2010

Updated: CrystalRoc creates the most exclusive tablet computer in the world

CrystalRoc put a bit of bling into the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Clearly this is something that the people who likes shiny things on their devices and gadgets would want. Instead of buying for friend of your loved one a ring, necklace, or the like during the holiday season, why not give her this shiny and very exclusive Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Samsung have given CrystalRoc and Micro Anvika the permission to put a bit of art on the tablet device. Actually its not just a bit because they have covered the device with 5,700 shiny and glitzy Swarovski crystals. Any woman would cry for this or not. 

Update: TechRadar reports that Harrods (London) have started selling "the most exclusive" tablet computer in the world for £2,700 ($4,361)

Source: Luxury Launches



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