October 28, 2010

Opera released Opera Mini 5.1 Beta for Symbian

Millions of Symbian phones are currently being used ll over the world, that's undeniable. I do not have any statistics with me, but I think it's the most used Mobile OS in the world. So with in mind, Opera released Opera Mini 5.1 Beta for your Symbian ran handset. It features a brand new native version of the mobile browser. Improvements like overall loading time are enhanced and a "flawless integration with your phone!" Head over the break to read more of what's new with this release and where to download the said mobile browser.

Opera Mini 5.1 Beta list of improvements:

  • Faster start up time.
  • Even faster page loading.
  • Improved scrolling performance.
  • Integration with your your phone native input.
  • Improved performance, especially for older S60 devices.
  • Improved fonts.
  • Device integration for cut-and-paste, email client and more.
  • No more dialogue boxes asking permission to connect to the Web.
Download Opera Mini 5.1 Mini  here unfortunately it's only available in English, but for sure they'll add otehr languages to it.




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