October 19, 2010

Apple reports highest quarter earning 14.1 million iPhones sold

Apple announced their highest quarter earning ever pegged at $20.34 billion with a profit of $4.31 billion. The financial fiscal period is the 4th quarter which ended in September 25. Compared to where Apple was last year, they have broken boundaries and have almost doubled their earning this fiscal quarter. Last year's fiscal quarter reported they earned $12.21 billion with a profit of $2.53, basically doubling their last year's.

Apple have sold 14.1 million iPhones during the said quarter which is a 91% surge when compared to last year's. The hyped up iPad also contributed to this achievement, with total sales for the quarter at 4.19 million units which brings the total units of iPad sold at 7.46 million. Steve Jobs was at the company's conference call, which is said to be unusual. He was there to basically say something. More of hitting other companies, if you ask me.



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