October 30, 2010

Samsung posts Q3 2010 fiscal results & sold 7 million Galaxy S-es and 2 million waves

South Korea's and the world's biggest conglomerate reported their Q3 2010 earnings and earn they did. Let's cut to the chase and dive immediately into the numbers of it all. Since, Samsung's a group of companies, it's total revenue for the quarter with all of it's other businesses is 40.23 trillion won ($35.77 billion). It's they best quarterly result since the 4th quarter of 2009, I'd go clapping my hands if I worked for them. That revenue resulted in a profit of 4.46 trillion won ($3.97 billion). Of course they don't just have the Samsung Mobile and Electronics business but they have other businesses all of which reported profits, at least the businesses that my source said was profiting. Forward to Samsung's mobile phone business, which reported an 11.12 trillion won ($9.86 billion) revenue with an operating profit of 1.13 trillion won ($1 billion). Those figures equated to a much better quarterly percentage compared to the last quarter.

On a more gadgety part of this whole thing, Samsung sold 71.4 million handsets all over the world and that's just one quarter. The Galaxy S line sold 7 million units and the Wave line sold 2 million units, which is are Bada-based smartphones and are sold in more than 80 countries. Looks like Samsung is on it's way to achieving the 10 million mark for the Galaxy S line.

Source: Samsung Hub


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