October 30, 2010

Apple's new MacBook Air gets reviewed by Gizmodo

Launched a week ago during the "Back to the Mac" event by Apple, the newly refreshed MacBook Air gets refreshed and comes in two sizes, an 11.6 inch netbook and an ultra light & thin 13.3 inch. It was also available right on the day Steve Jobs unveiled it and starts from $999 for the 11.6" 64GB. But is it really all worth it? Does it deserve that much money, considering it's processor is an old Intel Core 2 Duo? Head over the break to find out.

Gizmodo posted their review of this luscious laptop and what did they say about it? Well, basically a lot of good things, but in technology, whenever there's something good it is always paired with something bad. Snippets from Gizmodo will summarize what they think of the MacBook Air (13.3").

The good things: 
"The 1.6 pound gap between the two laptops might not seem like much, but it's a godsend. Secure in your man-purse, the 13-inch Air is sturdy enough that you don't worry about it, and light enough that you don't think about it."
"it's just about as zippy as my year-old 13-inch, 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo rig"
"Converting a two minute, 720 MP4 file (Muppets!) in Handbrake took a little over four minutes—not lightning quick, but respectable for a file of that size."
"Boots like it had never been off; wakes up like it had never been asleep."
 The bad ones:
"So expensive; you could buy two Toshiba Portégés with a month's cab fare left over"
"No optical drive, though you can get an external one for 80 bones extra"
And at the end of it all:

"This is the first time I've been genuinely sad about returning a review unit. Partly because I enjoyed my time with the Air so much, but mostly because I very definitely know I can't afford one on my own."

Source: Gizmodo


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