December 10, 2011

Twitter announces a revamped UI both on your desktop and your phones

Twitter has announced and is already rolling out, "in the next few weeks", a newly revamped site both on desktops and on mobile phones! Twitter is saying that the new design will be easier to follow people who really matter to you. The redesign, since it will be a roll out, will be available to everyone but not on the same time. It will be applied to people who use twitter on their PCs or Macs and to mobile applications which includes the mobile site of the social network.

This is a major redesign of Twitter so a lot of things are changed and are to learn. Base on that photo, the new design follows that of the social network's tablet application UI, the iPad's. Which personally, is great, because I love the Twitter for iPad application specially how easy it is to use and navigate around the application.

Those will be the new Twitter icons you should expect when your Twitter is updated to the new UI. Home, conversations, hashtags, and profiles. Twitter is also updating the TweetDeck application, I tried using my TweetDeck, but it did not prompt me yet of any new updates available, probably it is also a roll out to TweetDeck? Anyway, for more information about the new things to expect from Twitter, head over here.

Download an updated version of the Twitter for iPhone, and Android application now to be one of the first to use it.

Oh wait! The new TweetDeck can be download from it's official website! Try it now!


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