January 30, 2011

Nokia E7 will arrive on British shores in April?

Announced last year during the Nokia World 2010 in the UK, the E7 is set to be launched in Q1 of 2011. We've already heard a lot of news that the Nokia E7 will be launching by 2011. A lot of online shops have also listed the device on their sites.  First, we have Expansys, in the UK, taking pre-orders of the device which will start shipping by January of this year, yet we have not received any news that the phone have actually started shipping. Second is the British network carrier, Three, announcing the smartphone and said that the device will be available by Q1 of 2011. Lastly, Amazon USA, have also listed the device on their site but is still unavailable. So when will this smartphone ever start shipping?

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Well, I think Expansys has given as a date. They say that the phone will start shipping "in 72 working days" if you try to count that then it points to an April 12 launching. Take note that the day changes with your timezone but one date is what that page is pointing out an April 12 launching.

Amazon Germany have also listed the same device on their website but it says that the E7 will be available soon for €629.

Source: Unwired View 


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