January 31, 2011

Android 2.3 Gingerbread is sick with a microSD bug

Android, touted to be the best mobile operating system to ever land on this planet is sick. The latest Android OS for smartphones, Android 2.3 Gingerbread seems to have bugs that about its microSD security. The bug allows for attackers to access your precious external memory and of course your personal information contained therein. This bug was discovered by a researcher at the North Carolina State University. Thanks to him Google should have started to look at the issue and should release an updated version of the said OS.

Here's a snippet from what Endgadget reported.
"According to Xuxian Jiang, the bug allows malicious websites to access and upload the contents of a user's microSD card, including voicemails, photos, and online banking information to a remote server. The flaw apparently resembles a similar bug in previous version of Android, thought to have been addressed with Gingerbread."
 Xuxian Jiang, the researcher, further says that what Gingerbread should have fixed from previous versions of Android is easily bypassed. Currently, there is no way that you (if you are running on Gingerbread) can get out of this issue, if an attacker would want to access your external memory then that would be an easy task for him. The only way you can get out from the crosshair is to either take out your microSD card, disable Javascript, or use a third party browser. But do not fear, eWeek recently reported that Google is already working on to solve this issue, although we do not have any word from Google about when the update is expected to be released. Until then, we just have to wait.

Source: Endgadget


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