January 30, 2011

Internet users reaches 2 billion world wide and 5 billion have mobile subscription

The United Nations International Telecommunication Union have predicted a great increase in global internet users by the end of 2010 by about 2 billion and did they hit the mark well. They have reported that the total number of internet users globally number to 2.08 billion. That number jumped from a mere 250 million users a decade ago. 555 million of the 2.08 billion have a fixed broadband internet connection and 950 million have broadband internet on their mobile phones. What is more interesting is the number of people who currently have a mobile subscription which have now passed the 5 billion mark and that is also a great leap from just 500 million from year 2000. 

Indeed, having an internet connection and being connected to the world is more of a necessity these days. Technological progress, in this case, have made an impact so large that numbers rose like they is no more tomorrow. Technology like Wireless LAN and mobile internet like 3G/HSDPA/HSPA and 4G is demanded even higher today. The need for people to have a much faster internet connection pushed businesses and companies to push their efforts into proving a more secure, reliant, and speedier service to their customers.

Source: Endgadget


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