April 16, 2011

The 4 types of Google Chrome

I do not really know when Google implemented these 4 kinds of Chromes but I'd like to share this to all my readers. There are actually 4 types of Google Chromes you can install in your machines the Google Chrome Stable, Beta, Dev, and the Canary Build (yellow logo). I have been using the Dev and the Canary Build for a while now but I only blog about Chrome Stable and Beta updates since these are the two that gets most used.

These are the browsers that are currently installed in my machine. From left to right: Google Chrome Dev, Canary Build, RockMelt, Safari, Opera, IE9, Firefox 4, Nightly, Aurora, and Cometbird (just for fun). I keep these many browser so that I can experience the latest updates so that I have something to share to you guys, first hand. 

Going back to the 4 types of Chromes, there is basically no difference between the 4 of them except for one thing, the version numbers or the version they are on. Of course, if you are the person who does not want to use a browser that might crash everytime you click something or whatnot, then Google Chrome Stable is the best browser for you. If you want to experience new things from Chrome ahead of the Stable version then the Beta version is your best bet. 

Chrome Dev: 12.0.733.0

So what's with the Dev and the Canary Build? Google Chrome Beta (together with the Stable version) are, let's say, the public released version of the browser, which means they have gone through the major bugs and issues fixing of it all giving you a better performing browser. The Dev and the Canary Build are the two that are, let's say, most updated yet the browsers with the most unstable performance like crashes here and there and problems with viewing webpages here and there. Currently, the Stable and the Beta versions run on the 10th and 11th versions of Chromium, where Google Chrome is based. On the other hand, the Dev and Canary Build are running on the 12th version of Chromium. These two browsers, the Dev and CB, are   like the incubator, it's where the testing happens (I believe), before the 12th version of Chromium (or any version for that matter) will be passed down to the Beta version and eventually to the Stable version.

Chrome Canary Build: 12.0.736.0

Of course since the Dev and CB are the testing grounds of the Chrome browser, crashes and high instability from them are expected. Of the two, the Canary Build is said to be the one being updated the fastest and I am a witness to that.

Why do I have two kinds of Chromes installed in my machine? Well, Google allows you to install the Canary Build even if you have other versions of Chromes installed. But you cannot install or have the Dev, Beta, and Stable version at the same time. The Canary Build and the other Chrome version (if any) can run simultaneously. The CB cannot be used as a default browser, though.

After this post I will not be posting updates about the Dev and CB, unfortunately. I suggest you use either the Beta or the Stable version of the browser because sometimes there are very annoying bugs that the Dev and CB could have and waiting for the next version for it to be fixed is annoying.

Anyway for those who insist that they need to have either the Dev and CB versions I will be linking their official download pages below.

Google Chrome Canary Build
Google Chrome Developer

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