June 16, 2012

Skype for Mac updated to 5.8

Skype for Mac has been updated to version 5.8 which brings in tons of new things and improvements. Before I continue, for those who are using Skype for Mac download the newest version here. The new Skype for Mac makes your contact list slimmer and a better video calls with mobile users better.

With regards to a better video calls with mobile users, Skype has made it better. Skype will now detect if the mobile user has rotated his device. Skype will then detect this action and will automatically re-orient the video stream on your Skype so that the image or video you are looking at will always be the right side up.

Skype also adds an improvement regarding Screen Sharing on Skype. Also, this new Skype is ready to work with the newest version of Mac OS X. For more information about the upgrade, click here.


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