June 15, 2012

Opera 12 officially released brings in tons of new stuff and Themes

Opera has officially released the latest iteration of their own browser, Opera 12. This update brings in a lot of things into the table, one major stuff is that now, Opera has made changing themes easier and made it even prettier. Also Opera 12 now supports the Windows 65-bit OS for better use of the processor and whatnot making your browser experience faster if you are using a 64-bit OS.  It also comes with a better way of displaying your web addresses in the address field (the navigation bar).

Full speed ahead
Hardware acceleration allows Opera 12 to render graphics using your graphics card (GPU). This makes animations and other graphics-intensive operations a lot faster. Note that this feature is disabled by default, so in order to use it you need to set EnableHardwareAcceleration to 1 in your Opera:Config. WebGL can be enabled by setting EnableWebGL to 1 as well.

There are more things added into Opera 12. Download the newest Opera here.


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