June 27, 2012

Mozilla released Firefox 14 for Android

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 14 for Android which, according to Firefox, is a powerful upgrade to mobile browsing. The browser is now available over at Google Play. The upgrade is here to basically make Firefox for Android a lot faster than its previous version for Android. Also, Firefox says that their browser is faster than what the default Android browser is.

Ok aside from that super fast speed that Firefox for Android has, the mobile browser is also given some design touches which are new to those who are familiar with the browser.

"We redesigned Firefox for Android to make it a screaming fast and personalized upgrade to mobile browsing that lets you take your Web experience everywhere you go. You’ll notice dramatic performance improvements that make Firefox on your Android phone super fast with everything from startup and page load times to panning and zooming and Web app performance when you just want to play Mozilla’s BrowserQuestgame with your friends.
Firefox for Android is significantly faster than the stock browser that ships on Android phones according to the leading industry benchmarks, such as Sunspider. In addition, we developed a new benchmark, called Eideticker, that measures the actual user Web experience and we built Firefox for Android to it, yielding an experience that is two times faster than the stock browser." - Firefox

Source: Firefox


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