June 27, 2012

Google officially releases Chrome 20 - better, faster, cleaner Chrome

Ahead of Google I/O, the search giant has officially released the next major update to Google Chrome for Mac, Windows, Linux, and ChromeFrame. Google Chrome 20 is now available for download (or update). For those who are using Google Chrome, update your browsers now by clicking through Settings > About Google Chrome > And wait for it to install the update. It then should ask you to relaunch the browser.

Google's blog about the update is really not for the layman, including me. You can check what has been changed here

For those who have been using Chrome and has been liking what they have experienced with Chrome 19, Chrome 20 will be a better experience for you. For those who are new to Chrome, you won't really appreciate what is new to Chrome 20 because the changes are minute. But for those who have been using the browser since 18 or even 19, the changes (in the interface) are obvious.

One thing I noticed immediately, aside from the new "open a new tab" button (which is now bigger) is the placement and the compacting of the opened tabs. Also, the new tab page where your launchers and apps are displayed are way better in the sense that the switching from one page to the other now has almost (as far as what I experienced) or no lag at all.

The last thing I noticed? The speed in browsing! You really need to be a Chrome 19 user to get a sense of what I am talking about here. But anyhow, get Google Chrome 20 now.


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