June 27, 2012

Android Jelly Bean gets official with arrival of Jelly Bean Statue at Google

At Googleplex the statue to represent the next iteration of the popular mobile platform, Android, has arrived. The statue confirms that the name of the next Android is Jelly Bean! Well, it's an Android, sans the face, and filled with jelly beans (a bit lame, personally). Anyway, according to rumors and reports, Android 4.1 will be Jelly Bean and not 5.0. As Google I/O kick-starts, we should be hearing more information about what are the new things that the Jelly Bean has for the mobile world. I am not really expecting too much UI redesigns and whatnots but I'd bet there would only be improvements, new features, and making Android more stable than it was before.

Of course, those owners of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus should be ready for some more sweets coming to their devices because according to reports and based on tradition, it is always the latest Google Nexus phone who gets the latest Android version.

Sources: Google Developers, UV, Android Community


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