March 26, 2011

Facebook starts rolling out a new feature called Facebook Question

Facebook added a new feature called Facebook Question. This feature's purpose is for a user to quickly get answers the way they want their questions to be answered. The feature is introduced today and I was able to try it and somehow learn how to use it.

It should be available to all Facebook users in due time. Like any other new feature that Facebook introduces it is rolled out in a staggered manner. If you already have the feature this should immediately be visible on your Facebook Homepage with a new added "share" button named "Question".

If you ask a question this is how it should look like on your wall. Please forgive me for my test question, there shouldn't be "Other.." there. Anyway, you can put answers on your question or not. Your friends will be able to comment, like, and or share your posted question with out without poll answers.

Also, Facebook have added their usual stuff on this new feature. If you want to ask specific persons, you can always "tag" them. They should get a notification that they were tagged or asked by you and should or opt not to answer the question.

So, does anyone of you already have this feature from Facebook? Don't worry everyone of us should be able to use this pretty soon. If you want to try it out even if it is still not in your Facebook head over to the Facebook Question page and try it out for yourself. This is the brilliance of Facebook truly in the works. This is much better than what Formspring can throw at us.

Source: Facebook


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