March 29, 2011

[Updated: Tickets already sold out] Apple's WWDC 2011 in June 6th will not reveal the iPhone 5

When Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference gets on the way, techies will always expect a new iPhone being unveiled to the public, not only techies but Apple fans around the world. Well, WWDC 2011 will be this coming June 6 - 10, as scheduled by Apple

By tradition it is during this event that Apple gives it all out to the world the next iPhone but according to the same post by Apple's official news site, the event will focus on the future of iOS and the Mac OS. Meaning? No iPhone 5 unveiling? 

Oh well, like what Michael Gartenberg (analyst with Gartner) said to The Loop, “You get caught up in patterns, and it holds true, until it doesn’t,”

Personally, I am still expecting an iPhone 5 to be unveiled during the event. I mean, Apple's fond of surprises, aren't they? Whether there will be an iPhone 5 announcement or not, the event will push through and will reveal the future of iOS and MacOS, Apple might launch Mac OS X Lion, or not. Anyway, for those who are iOS or Mac OS developers this is an event for you. For tickets to the event get it from here.

Update: Slashgear reported that the tickets for the said event where Apple won't be announcing any new hardware is already sold out. Even if a ticket is priced at $1,599 that has not stopped iOS and Mac OS X fans and developers to get one. What is more amazing is, Apple did that (selling it all out) in just 12 hours from the time they announced the event.

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