March 29, 2011

LG Optimus Big a 4.3" smartphone with LG's Nova display to come soon?

According to Xportsnews, a Korean website, which reported this news about LG soon to announce the LG Optimus Big. Now, the report also notes that this smartphone will be featuring LG's Nova display, 4.3" of it, and will sport a 1GHz single-core processor.

We know that one smartphone announced by LG, features that same Nova display, named the LG Optimus Black. I wonder if this is the same phone that the Korean website is referring to. The photo above, which contains the alleged Optimus Big, certainly is different from the Optimus Black, since the Black does not feature a button at the bottom (see photo below).

The phone, Optimus Big, is also said to be launched in the South Korean market next month. If this report holds water, then LG will surely announce the Optimus Big soon enough. Unfortunately, that is all the details we can get from the website.

And of course, I will be blogging about this phone if LG ultimately announces it.

Source: Unwired View


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