October 21, 2010

Apple unveils the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Uhuh, today is the day that Apple held their October 20 event, expectedly, unveiling the latest Mac OS to the public, the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Thanks to Gizmodo's livestreaming of the event, I was able to watch most of the event, I think halfway through the whole thing. As those media people in the venue are currently busy touching, testing, and what not the new things from Apple are, I'm here in front of my PC (yeah a PC not a Mac) typing away to give you all the news.

So to the juice of it all, the new OS has a lot of features. As a friend recently told me, he though (or everyone though, except me) that the iPad will get the Mac OS X, at least its features, not the whole OS itself, but it was the other way around. Here's a run down on what Steve Jobs have said earlier during the event, basically what the new OS will be featuring:

  • iLife (I think it's Apple version of Microsoft's Windows Live Essentials)
    • Basically everything you work in a computer (or a Mac) is here, like iPhotos, iMovie, and what not.
  • Mac AppStore
    • the iTunes for the Mac
  • FaceTime 
    • will also be in the Mac Lion, which allows Mac users to talk to other devices that have FaceTime (iPhones, iPod)
  • TouchPad
    • is like a homescreen that looks like the homescreen of an iPad
  • Mission Control
    • is where everything is kept, it's like where you can control  Expose, Spaces and Dashboard
  • Multi Touch Gesture support
The OS will be launched in the Summer of 2011, and the Mac AppStore will be open for Snow Leopard for 90 days (so people with the Snow Leopard try the Mac AppStore)

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