October 11, 2012

Twitter gives TweetdDeck a new look!

Twitter released an update for TweetDeck and this update totally brings a new look to the Twitter Client. Those who use the Web App version of the client, your TweetDeck will automatically update. For those who use it as an installed application on their PCs or Macs, you simply have to restart the application to trigger the auto-update process. You can also go to Tweetdeck.com to get the installer.

So, what is new with the client? Well, a lot. One is that Twittter totally gave it a whole new look. With the new TweetDeck you can now change the theme of the client either white or black. I like the black theme or the dark theme because too much white hurts my eyes.

Also, it now allows you to change the font size! That;s cool for me. Now get the new TweetDeck to enjoy these new features. There is just one thing I hate about the client. I think it was in the previous update that it happened. The conversation view does not include your tweets anymore and I am having some trouble checking which tweet the person is referring to. I hope they bring it back.


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