October 18, 2012

Google sends out invites for an October 29 Android event - the next Nexus device?

Google has started sending out invites for an October 29 Android event. It will be live-streamed on the Youtube link the invite has provided. The question is, what is the event for? A new version of Android, I don't think so. There is one reason why Google have sent these invites out and that is for them to introduce the next Nexus device. Yes, that is what the rumor mill has been churning out. According to these rumors, LG is the next brand to create the 4th Nexus device (smartphone). HTC has done it and also Samsung. Probably, now is the time LG shines and produces a stunning Nexus device. I do hope it will be. Mark your calendars guys! October 29th. I will surely be posting about it when this happens. Cheers!


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