June 4, 2011

USA: Sprint to launch WiFi only version of the BlackBerry PlayBook - June 5th

Yup! Me too. I don't get this. Sprint's Marketing Director, Gerald Evans, have announced that Sprint will be launching the WiFi only version of the BlackBerry PlayBook in June 5th. We know that eventually, Sprint will be offering the 4G (WiMax) capable PlayBook. The page on Sprint's website about a PlayBook is actually not the WiMax enabled tablet but rather just the WiFi version of it. 

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Don't ask me why Sprint is offering this version of the tablet. But I'm thinking Sprint might be doing this to increase or somehow make people want to buy Sprint's portable WiFi spot plan or that device that you can carry around and is a WiFi spot. Well, until that WiMax enabled tablet is will officially be launched, I think you guys in the US should be happy playing with your WiFi only PlayBooks.

As for the price. Sprint will be selling the 16GB PlayBook for $499.

Source: Twitter
Via: UV


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