June 28, 2011

UK: Sony Ericsson Neo now available via Expansys for £379.99

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, announced back in MWC 2011, this smartphone was not able to reach the UK in time due to some earthquakes in Japan. The smartphone was, at least, given an official time when it will be launched in Europe but in the UK, it will be launched in August 4th according to Exansys. The third party retailer also puts the handset on pre-order and have stated on their site that the Xperia Neo is due August 4th. Well, this is what my source (UV) said and has a photo to prove it. But when I got to Expansys' website the phone is currently available and 14 are available in stock "now".

Priced at £379.99 you can now get yourself the Xperia Neo from Expansys. There are only 14 currently available in stock so if you want to get it, I suggest you head over to their site now (Expansys) to get one of those 14 available.

Source: UV


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