June 25, 2011

HP Pivot will launch in July 2 - HP's app discovery solution

Apps is one of the things that a platform needs to be used by consumers and when you talk about apps, their is one master of that, Apple. Anyway, HP's newest version of WebOS, version 3.0, will be ported into the HP TouchPad when it launches or when it starts to ship. Currently the tablet is available for pre-order in Canada/US and in the UK. Anyway, HP in July 2nd will release HP Pivot in the UK, which is HP's way of letting WebOS users discover apps. This is important, so that WebOS or HP would attract developers in creating apps for the platform. The HP Pivot will be a unique way of discovering apps from whatever HP will call their applications market place, since Pivot will be a magazine-like UI. HP will definitely announce this and when that happens I'd be blogging.


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