April 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II launched in South Korea via all network carriers - 120 countries to closely follow

Samsung have officially launched "the best smartphone" in South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S II is currently available in all three major network carriers in it's home turf and 120 other countries will shortly follow via 140 carriers. The Korean giant is expecting yet another 10 million units sold, just like what they did with the first Galaxy S.

For now, the US is silent with regards to the smartphone. None of the 4 carriers announced if they will be offering the SGS II. In the UK and in India, they have already announced that the smartphone will be coming. Clove UK said that the SGS II coming to the UK will not have an NFC chip in it.

Anyway, expect other countries announcing the superphone and for sure I will be blogging about it. Currently, it seems the UK and India are the two countries, after SK, to get the device. Stay tuned for updates!

Source: UV


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