April 29, 2011

PHIL: Apple iPad 2 officially available in the Philippines starting from Php 23,990

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Apple said that the iPad 2 will start popping up on local online Apple Stores starting 1AM (local time) in the 12 countries they have announced that the device will be launching. A little bit of prepping and changes, voila! The iPad 2 is now up for orders at the Apple Store Philippines.

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The photo you see above is the price list of the iPad 2. The website says that when you order today, they will start shipping your iPad 2 1-2 weeks from the day you ordered it. So for those who have been patiently waiting for this device to touchdown in the Philippines (or in the 12 other countries) then this is the time for your credit cards to get a good work out. 

So, head over to the Apple Store Phlippines to get your orders ready. the device will be available on local Apple Stores (the physical store, you know what I mean) and select Authorized Apple Resellers starting 9AM local time. 


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