April 28, 2011

PHIL: Online Apple Store being updated! preparing for the iPad 2 and the White iPhone 4?

I just checked out the online Apple Store in the Philippines and boy are they preparing their website for the iPad 2. As we already know, Apple have officially announced the availability of the iPad 2 in the Philippines. The much awaited arrival of the tablet will become a reality by tomorrow. Although Apple have not stated on their presser that the stocks coming in the Philippines will be limited a lot of local tech blogs have said that it will be in limited stock. Remember that the iPad 2 or the Apple Store (online) should be up and running by 1AM tomorrow.

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Just a refresher, here is the list of the pricing that you should expect from the Apple Store and for the iPad 2 in general.

iPad WiFi:
  • iPad 16 GB - Php 23,990
  • iPad 32 GB - Php 28,990
  • iPad 64 GB - Php 33,990
iPad WiFi + 3G:
  • iPad 16 GB -Php 30,990
  • iPad 32 GB -Php 35,990
  • iPad 64 GB -Php 40,990

Regarding the White iPhone 4, Apple's official press release did not mention the Philippines as one of the countries who will be getting the white smartphone by tomorrow. But I will be checking the Apple Store by 1AM and will be giving you an update about it, and hopefully that comes with the price list too.

If, even if I am not expecting it, there will be a difference of the pricing in the Apple Store (Philippines) I will be editing this post. Stay tuned! Anyway, who's credit cards or wallets are ready for the iPad 2?


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