January 26, 2011

Mozilla releases the "last" beta update of Firefox 4 Beta 10

And I though Firefox 4 Beta 9 was the last beta version that Mozilla will be releasing before the final  version of their the major update of Firefox. Oh well, they say this will be the homestrech, and promises good stuffs before we finally get that much awaited Firefox 4 (final version).

For all those who are using Firefox as their browser of choice, then I recommend that you update your browsers to the latest and hopefully the last beta version of Firefox. Firefox 4 Beta 10 promises a lot and the things that I have been wanting from the browser.

Mozilla is actually just polishing some bugs and whatnots on the browser and improving security and performance. The main thing that I really wanted from the Beta version of the browser is faster performance (different from faster browsing). It seems they have finally done what should be done by giving this release "improve performance and stability in Firefox 4 Beta by including improved memory usage, remote blacklisting for hardware acceleration and better Flash support for Mac OS X users."

We should be expecting the final version of the browser by February or let me just say soon, since Mozilla have not set a date yet on when the browser will be released. Anyway, since that has not yet come, then update your Firefoxes now to its 10th Beta by clicking this link.

Source: Firefox


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