January 16, 2011

Edited: Firefox 4 Beta 9 now ready for download - the last of the Beta releases?

Mozilla is ready to unveil the next iteration of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser. For months they have been releasing, updating, and improving the user experience of the Firefox 4 Beta. Until today, Firefox 4 Beta  have been updated 8 times with their previous update the Firefox 4 Beta 8.

Recently, they have announced that the next major version of Firefox, apparently, Firefox 4 will soon be available for download. That will be the final release as it will be stepping out from it's beta phase. Today though, you can download (direct download link) presumably and understandably the last Beta version of the browser, Firefox 4 Beta 9. 

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I have just installed Firefox 4 Beta 9 on my laptop and what I noticed immediately is that it has improved, and the improvement is impressive. I will not be talking about how fast the browser is, anyway almost all browsers that you can use right now has GPU rendering already. But the main thing I noticed with the 9th beta of Firefox, aside from the fact that this is the beta for "polishing" the browser before they will be releasing the final version of it, is that the browser does not lag anymore.

Firefox 4 Beta 8 was quite laggy. Even if I am not browsing (standby) and when I click on the the Firefox button to get to the options box, it lags, a lot! But with this release, 9th beta, that was totally gone. I am very excited for the final release of Firefox 4 and I hope that it will be a much better browser than what it is right now with the 9th Beta. 
"With full support for HTML5 features in Firefox 4 Beta, developers can create new ways for people to enjoy the Web. This includes WebM and HD video, 3D graphic rendering with WebGL, hardware acceleration and the Mozilla Audio API to help create visual experiences for sound." - Firefox
Firefox 4 Beta 9

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