November 19, 2010

New Yahoo Search Assist in testing

Yahoo Search Assist, a technology that Yahoo pioneered, is getting an improvement that'll totally compete with Google's Instant. Yahoo wants to make your search experience to be faster than what they are offering you right now. What they have in mind is actually amazing, but I do not know if this will truly be Google Instant's competition or is it a different story?

Today, Yahoo is actually testing their new beta for their Yahoo Search Assist, which is basically what is now at Google as Google Instant. Yahoo Search Assist have been with Yahoo before Google had the Instant, but today, Yahoo is improving their Search Assist technology, they pioneered. Making searching the internet being beefier and more content rich while you are still typing for the information you are searching.

The improvement is that it displays "answers" to what you are searching. Just like Google Instant, when you are typing for a search term, Yahoo Search Assist displays possible websites of what you are trying to search, the usual search links and whatnot. It basically displays the most clicked site while you are typing of your search term.

They have started rolling out the beta of this "improved" searching experience and if you have it you might want to head over at Yahoo and taste what they are saying as a "richer Yahoo Search Assist". I do not have it, although I and all of us have Search Assist, so you might want to share your experience if you have the beta.

Source: Yahoo


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