November 16, 2010

Facebook just announced a new messaging system, nope not email

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. They really aren't stopping. When they sent out the invites to their next event that was held earlier, everybody was speculating on what they will be announcing. I mean, they just announced something new a few weeks back, with their new and improved Facebook Mobile apps, single sign on, and Facebook Deals.

Today, Facebook has announced their new messaging system making it more seamless & simple, but then Mark Zuckerberg said, "It's not email". So what is it?

Credit: Facebook

Facebook will be giving each of their 500 million plus users an option to have this "not email" account. I'm not really sure what Mark was trying to say about earlier with their live event broadcast over at Facebook Live. But even if how often he says that it is not the "Email killer" that most techblogs are writing about, I am very convinced, though, that Facebook is creating an Email service for it's users.

The new service features a better messaging platform across many other mediums like the web (Facebook), SMS, and even on IM.

Mark also said that they have been working on this project for "almost over a year" and will be "rolled out slowly", very slowly that it will be made available to all their Facebook users, 500 million plus of us, within 6 months or more, Mark have not put an exact date on when this will be completely available though.

The @faceook "email" account will be given to all users in this format The advantage, as what I have understood it, is that this new feature will need no more signing in or signing up. Facebook will just be giving you the option to get that eaccount, if you opt to have one then the current username you have for your Facebook account will be used as the username for your email account. 

You be the judge, is Facebook trying to be a direct competitor to Gmail or Yahoo? 

Source: BGR


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